Nature Series Journals Added to CNKI for Indexing

Springer Nature and CNKI signed an agreement to update their existing cooperation, whereof 137 journals of Nature branding were newly licensed to CNKI for indexing

Nature series of journals include Nature, Nature Chemistry, Nature Biotechnology, Natural Materials Science and other world-class interdisciplinary and academic publications in various professional fields, covering the forefront of science, technology and medicine research to provide high-impact research results.

In 2008, as the kick-off of CNKI Scholar, Springer was the first partner of CNKI in terms of the indexing cooperation. In 2015, Springer and Macmillan Education merged to form the new Springer Nature Group thus the publishing scope expanded. In 2020, within the new CNKI-Springer Nature cooperation framework, the original Springer content at CNKI was renamed as Springer Nature, which comprehensively covered more than 3,000 journals covering content from SpringerLink, Nature and BMC & SpringerOpen.

CNKI Scholar, the open discovery platform was initiated by CNKI in 2008. Based on copyright cooperation, it integrates various international academic resources to provide readers at home and abroad with open retrieval and browsing of abstracts and full text oriented services. Currently, CNKI has established partnership with more than 700 institutions worldwide, involving more than 75 thousands of international journals and over 100 million articles into it indexing system.

Typical and renowned partners include publishers as Elsevier, Springer Nature, John Wiley & Sons, Taylor & Francis, SAGE, Emerald, university affiliated presses as Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, MIT Press, societies and associations as American Association for the Advancement of Science , American Medical Association, American Computer Association, Institute of Engineering and Technology, Royal Society, Institute of Physics, as well as characteristic collections by J-STAGE (Japanese), Nurimedia (Korean), Cairn (French), Casalini (Italian), De Gruyter (German). Retrieval and browsing by subjects or pub types are workable to end users.

Springer Nature at CNKI Scholar: