RILM licensed to CNKI for Indexing

Repertoire International de Litterature Musicale. Inc (RILM) and CNKI signed an agreement, by which MGG Online and RILM Music Encyclopedia (RME), its two outstanding products will be added to CNKI for indexing.

As an authoritative academic resource publishing group in music and arts, RILM provides valuable digital resource collections to music researchers all over the world, and promotes the research work of music, humanities and arts around the world. Its MGG Online platform integrates Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart (MGG), the most authoritative and comprehensive encyclopedia in Germany, and becomes an outstanding digital encyclopedia platform for global music researchers, and collects and publishes more than 19,000 articles written in various fields from 3500 world authoritative institutions; RILM Music Encyclopedia (RME) covers 57 titles published from 1775 to the present, including more than 330,000 entries, providing information on historical musicology, ethnomusicology and theoretical research. The most important research results cover a wide range of topics from pop music and rock, opera, musical instruments, blues and gospel, to record music and female composers, etc.

The excellent literature of RILM (Repertoire International de Litterature Musicale. Inc) will greatly enrich CNKI's academic resources in the field of humanities and arts, and contribute to the exchange and dissemination of international academic resources in China.

CNKI Scholar, the open discovery platform was initiated by CNKI in 2008. Based on copyright cooperation, it integrates various international academic resources to provide readers at home and abroad with open retrieval and browsing of abstracts and full text oriented services. Currently, CNKI has established partnership with more than 700 institutions worldwide, involving more than 75 thousands of international journals and over 100 million articles into it indexing system.

Typical and renowned partners include publishers as Elsevier, Springer Nature, John Wiley & Sons, Taylor & Francis, SAGE, Emerald, university affiliated presses as Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, MIT Press, societies and associations as American Association for the Advancement of Science , American Medical Association, American Computer Association, Institute of Engineering and Technology, Royal Society, Institute of Physics, as well as characteristic collections by J-STAGE (Japanese), Nurimedia (Korean), Cairn (French), Casalini (Italian), De Gruyter (German). Retrieval and browsing by subjects or pub types are workable to end users.

RILM content at CNKI Scholar is highly expected to be online soon.

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