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Journal|[J]International Journal of Computer Network and Information SecurityVolume 14, Issue 1. 2022. PP 1-12
Specific Case of Two Dynamical Options in Application to the Security Issues: Theoretical Development
摘要 / Abstract
本文在主观熵最大原理的框架下,考察主观感知客观存在的安全价值对安全措施和指标的影响。主观分析理论熵范式使得基于动态参数的安全系统可以考虑为一个个体所支配的主动系统( 管理系统的活跃因素 ),借助她/他在可用情境多交替和那些可实现的备选方案存在的条件下得到的个体主观偏好最优分布,以及主动系统主动要素的个体主观偏好不确定性。所述方法考虑到与安全措施有关的客观存在的效力函数方面的简单的两替代安全情况,考虑到一个受控参数及其与比率的结合。得到了目标函数极值函数的有效性和偏好的表达式,数学上明确地可视化了安全形势,并允许进行良好的选择。对于仅有2个备选目标有效性函数论点,所需的适当的治理、管理和控制方法选择优化的思路可能很简单;但是,增加参数数量和问题设置的进一步复杂化并不会改变问题求解的原则。这项研究颇具可比性。与熵范式领域的理论成果相比,研究的意义和价值变得清晰起来。其中,基于积分形式目标泛函的显式视图得到的解。这样的动态优化在后台工作中没有建模。
In the presented paper it is investigated the influence of the subjective perception of the objectively existing security values upon the security measures and indicators in the framework of the subjective entropy maximum principle. The subjective analysis theory entropy paradigm makes it possible to consider the security system based upon dynamic parameters as an active system governed by an individual (active element of the managerial system) with the help of her/his individual subjective preferences optimal distributions obtained in conditions of the available situation multi-alternativeness and those achievable alternatives presence, as well as the active system active element’s individual subjective preferences uncertainty. The described approach takes into account the simple two-alternative security situation in regards with the objectively existing effectiveness functions, related to security measures, in the view of a controlled parameter and a combination of it with its rate as the ratio. It is obtained the expressions for the objective functional extremal functions of the effectiveness and preferences, mathematically explicitly visualizing the security situation and allowing taking a good choice. The ideas of the required proper governing, managing, and control methods choice optimization with respect to only 2 alternative objective effectiveness functions arguments might be simple; nevertheless, increasing the number of parameters and further complication of the problem setting will not change the principle of the problem solution. This study is rather comparative. The significance and value of the study becomes clear in comparison with the theoretical results in the entropy paradigm field. Herein the solution obtained in the explicit view based upon the integral form objective functional. Such kind of dynamic optimization was not modeled in the background works.
关键词 / Keywords
安全; 对象; 主题; 功能性; 熵; 不确定性; 优化; 偏好函数; 极了
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