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Journal|[J]International Journal of Mathematical Sciences and ComputingVolume 8, Issue 1. 2022. PP 44-48
EUR/USD Exchange Rate Prediction Using Machine Learning
摘要 / Abstract
Nowadays artificial intelligence is used in almost every sector of our day-to-day life. AI is used in preventative maintenance, quality control, demand forecasting, rapid prototyping, and inventory management among other places. Also, its use in the economic market has gained widespread. The use of artificial intelligence has made a huge contribution to price forecasting in the currency market or the stock market. This research work explores and analyzes the use of machine learning techniques as a linear regression in the EUR/USD exchange rate in the global forex market to predict future movements and compare daily and hourly data forecasts. As a reason for comparison, linear regression was applied in both hourlies and daily's almost equivalent data sets of the EUR/USD exchange rate and showed differences in results. Which has opened a new door of research on this market. It has been found that the percentage of accuracy of the daily data forecast is higher than the hourly data forecast at the test stage.
关键词 / Keywords
人工智能; 汇率; Eur / Usd; 外汇市场; 机器学习; 线性回归。
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