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Journal|[J]Resources PolicyVolume 69, 2020. PP 101915-
Synthesized indicator for evaluating security of strategic minerals in China: A case study of lithium
摘要 / Abstract
我国经济增长由高速向高质量发展的转变,对战略矿产( SMs )安全提出了新的挑战。在转型下,结合其发展现状,同时也要从整个产业链上保持全球共存,本文首先阐述了SMs的安全内涵,并以锂资源为例对其在中国的安全进行了评估。灵敏度分析采用蒙特卡罗模拟( MCS )。结果表明,我国锂资源安全水平呈上升趋势但波动较大,且与次共存对象的变化密切相关。我们的结果表明,所提出的合成安全指标能够有效地评价我国锂资源的安全状况。因此,应该有可能适应于评估其他SM的安全状态。
The transition of the economic growth in China from high-speed to high-quality development provides new challenges to strategic minerals (SMs) security. Under the transition, combined with its development status, but also to maintain global coexistence from the entire industrial chain, we in this paper first expound the security connotation of SMs and take lithium resources as an example to evaluate its security in China. Monte Carlo Simulation (MCS) is used for sensitivity analysis. Results show that the security level of China's lithium resources is rising but fluctuating, and it is closely related to changes in the sub-object of coexistence. Our results illustrate that the proposed synthesized security indicator can effectively evaluate the security status of China's lithium resources. Therefore, it should be possible to be adapted for evaluating the security status of other SMs.
关键词 / Keywords
战略矿产; 锂安全; 评价指标体系; 蒙特卡罗模拟( MCS )。
核心评价 / Indexed by
研究要点 / Highlights
The security connotation of China's strategic minerals is expounded.;China's lithium security is rising and is related to the sub-object of coexistence.;Monte Carlo Simulation for sensitivity analysis.;The proposed synthesized security indicator can be adapted for other SMs.
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