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Journal|[J]Journal of Cleaner ProductionVolume 354, 2022.
Green marketing capability: A configuration approach towards sustainable development
摘要 / Abstract
文献往往表明,并非所有的企业在追求绿色营销实践中都能取得相似的结果。因此,如何使一些企业在制定绿色营销实践和实现预期结果方面比其他企业更成功至关重要。本研究提出,绿色营销能力( GMC )是可以解释企业之间这种差异的因素之一。基于资源基础观和动态能力理论,本研究开发了一个理论框架来概念化和配置GMC。在这样做的过程中,本研究具体探讨了三个研究目标:( 1 )什么是GMC,( 2 )企业在GMC配置中的差异,( 3 )这种GMC配置如何导致绿色营销绩效的差异。为了回答这些目标,在一个多行业的环境下,本研究采用多源数据收集方法,使用管理调查( n   =   158),客观的财务信息,并使用配置(集群)方法进行数据分析。研究结果表明,企业可以通过两种方式发展GMC:通过绿色市场感知(包括学习活动和计划活动)和绿色市场执行(包括营销组合和跨功能定位)。根据GMC的配置,企业可以分为三组:在感知和执行能力方面都很出色的机会寻求者,并充当绿色市场的探索者;保守的合规者在这两个方面都落后,并充当绿色市场的捍卫者;而关键的采用者则强调绿色市场的感知和执行活动,并保持平衡的"观望"方法。研究结果还表明,企业可以通过采用机会寻求者的策略来实现最佳的绿色营销绩效。本研究强调了对企业采用创新GMC实践的若干研究和管理启示。
Literature often shows that not all firms achieve similar outcomes in pursuing green marketing practices. Hence, what makes some firms more successful than others in formulating green marketing practices and achieving desired outcomes is of crucial importance. This study proposes that green marketing capability (GMC) is one of the factors that can explain this difference between firms. Based on resource-based view and dynamic capability theories, this research develops a theoretical framework to conceptualize and configure GMC. In doing so, this research specifically explores three research objectives: (1) what constitutes GMC, (2) how firms differ in their GMC configurations, (3) how such GMC configurations might lead to green marketing performance differentials. To answer these objectives, in a multi-industry setting, this study employs a multi-source data collection approach and uses managerial surveys (n = 158), objective financial information, and uses configuration (cluster) approach for data analysis. The findings show that firms can develop GMC in two ways: through green market sensing (comprising of learning and planning activities) and green market execution (encompassing marketing mix and cross-functional orientations). Based on GMC configurations, firms can be classified into three groups: opportunity seekers that excel in both sensing and execution capabilities and act as green market prospectors; conservative compliants that lag behind in both these aspects and act as green market defenders; and critical adopters that lay medium emphasis on green market sensing and execution activities and maintain a balanced “wait and see” approach. The results also show that firms can achieve the best possible green marketing performance by adopting an opportunity seeker's strategy. The study highlights several research and managerial implications for firms to adopt innovative GMC practices.
关键词 / Keywords
集群; 配置; 发展; 未来的生态系统; 绿色营销; 营销能力; 营销创新; 绿色营销绩效; 可持续性
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