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Journal|[J]Journal of Business ResearchVolume 148, 2022. PP 89-100
Entrepreneurial marketing and reconfiguration towards post-entry performance: Moderating effects of market dynamism and entry mode
摘要 / Abstract
研究局限在探索成熟成长阶段新兴市场的国际新创企业( INVs )的绩效。因此,本研究旨在开发和检验INV情境下的进入后绩效模型,重点关注创业营销( EM )和作为知识能力的重构。此外,本研究还考察了市场活力和进入模式在知识能力与进入后绩效关系中的调节作用。由于资源约束和市场复杂性,INV往往处于劣势。因此,在这方面研究这一框架很有价值。本文使用一个来自印度的INV样本,发现EM塑造了重构,并且每个驱动INV的进入后性能。研究结果为EM在引导市场活力时对重构和进入后绩效的效用提供了支持。此外,在动态市场中,当投资公司选择股权进入模式时,新兴市场和重组是有用的。
Research is limited that explores the performance of international new ventures (INVs) from emerging markets in mature growth stages. Therefore, this study aims to develop and test a model of post-entry performance in the INV context, focusing on entrepreneurial marketing (EM) and reconfiguration as knowledge-based capabilities. Furthermore, the study examines market dynamism and entry mode with respect to their moderating roles in the relationship between knowledge-based capabilities and post-entry performance. INVs are often disadvantaged owing to resource constrained and market complexity. Hence, investigating this framework in this context is valuable. Using a sample of INVs from India, this article finds that EM shapes reconfiguration, and each drives post-entry performance of INVs. The results provide support for the utility of EM towards reconfiguration and post-entry performance, when navigating market dynamism. Moreover, EM and reconfiguration are useful in dynamic markets when INVs select an equity entry mode.
关键词 / Keywords
创业营销; 重组; 入职后表现; 市场活力; 进入方式
核心评价 / Indexed by
研究要点 / Highlights
• Explore EM and reconfiguration in post-entry performance of emerging market INVs.;
• Examine varying levels of market dynamism and the effect of entry mode selection.;
• Support for utility of EM towards reconfiguration and post-entry performance.;
• EM and reconfiguration useful in dynamic markets when using an equity entry mode.;
• Reconfiguration mediates the EM – post-entry performance relationship.
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