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Journal|[J]Fisheries ResearchVolume 252, 2022.
Analysis of small-scale fisheries value chain: An interview-based approach in Italian marine protected areas
摘要 / Abstract
意大利小型渔业约占捕捞船队总数的70 %,占捕捞渔业收入和就业的近30 %和55 %。然而,该行业正经历一场深刻的危机,主要是由于捕捞量的减少和收入的减少。同时,社会经济数据的缺乏正阻碍着有效的资源管理和确定足够的市场解决方案来改善渔民的生计。为解决这一问题,对意大利南部三个海洋保护区内小型渔业船队的价值链结构和运作情况进行了调查。评估采用基于访谈的方法,通过对不同类别的利益相关者进行问卷调查。结果表明,小型渔民从渔获物中获得的经济效益最小,而批发商和鱼店由于其较强的议价能力而获得最高的销售价格。特别是那些对其投资很少或没有兴趣的产品店,加成率最高( 也就是说 ,那些渔民付出较少的钱 )。最后,本文讨论了解决渔民生计所面临的主要威胁的几种潜在的市场解决方案,如直接出售或改造渔获物。后一种选择尤其应针对价值较低的鱼类,这种鱼往往被商店所无视,但通过采取适当的营销策略,可以为渔民创造更高的收入。
Small-scale fisheries in Italy account for around 70% of the total fishing fleet, as well as nearly 30% and 55% of capture-fisheries revenues and employment, respectively. Yet, the sector is experiencing a deep crisis, mostly due to reduced catches and to the consequent decrease in revenues. At the same time, a lack of socio-economic data is hampering an effective resource management and the identification of adequate market solutions to improve fishers’ livelihoods. To address the issue, a survey has been carried out on the value chain’s structure and functioning of small-scale fishery fleets operating inside three marine protected areas in southern Italy. The assessment was performed following an interview-based approach through questionnaires administered to different categories of stakeholders. Results show that small-scale fishers receive the least economic benefits from their catches, while wholesalers and fish shops achieve the highest sale price thanks to their stronger bargaining power. Particularly, the highest mark-ups occur for those product shops that have little or no interest invested in them (i.e., those for which the fishers are paid less). Finally, this paper discusses a few potential market solutions to address the major threats to fisher livelihoods, such as direct sale or transformation of the catch. The latter option should especially be targeted to low value fish, which is often disregarded by shops, but which could generate higher incomes for fishers through the adoption of appropriate marketing strategies.
关键词 / Keywords
渔业价值链; 小规模渔业; 海鲜营销; 海洋保护区; 小规模渔业区域行动计划( RPOA-SSF )
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Scopus; SCI; WAJCI;
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