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Journal|[J]Journal of Cleaner ProductionVolume 359, 2022.
Double-edged Effects of Pricing on Diffusion of Green Products
Author: Yang Li
摘要 / Abstract
Costly signaling theory implies that price adjustment of green products will result in two double-edged effects, the price effect due to the law of demand and the word-of-mouth effect due to social influence among customers, on the diffusion of green products. Previous literature on green marketing, unfortunately, neglected the word-of-mouth effect that could affect the diffusion in an opposite direction to that of the widely recognized price effect. By employing agent-based modeling, this study exhibited the salience of the word-of-mouth effect, which could substantially hinder or stimulate the volume of Word-of-mouth and then affect adoption in future periods of the diffusion. This study also finds that the structures of social networks consisting of consumers may play nontrivial roles in the diffusion of green products, and the impact of the double-edged effects might be contingent on the network structures. The valence of such impact might switch to the opposite through the gradually unfolding stages of the diffusion.
关键词 / Keywords
绿色营销; 新产品扩散; 基于Agent的建模; 社交网络; 口语化
核心评价 / Indexed by
研究要点 / Highlights
• Inquiry into the double-edged effects on the diffusion of green products.;
• Salience of the fader effect reflecting the social influence resulted from price variation.;
• Agent-based models tracking the diffusion dynamics.;
• Important role of social network structures in terms of diffusion timing and value.
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