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Journal|[J]Tourism ManagementVolume 91, 2022.
Tourism e-commerce live streaming: Identifying and testing a value-based marketing framework from the live streamer perspective
摘要 / Abstract
直播已成为网络时代旅游产品营销的重要手段。然而,从基于价值的营销视角来看,旅游电子商务直播( TEcLS )的价值属性和影响因素尚未明确识别。本研究采用混合方法,遵循价值营销理论,旨在识别TEcLS的价值营销框架,并对该框架进行实证验证。在研究1中,基于对TEcLS视频数据的分析,识别了4类TEcLS价值营销中的11个基本直播属性。在研究2中,通过两轮问卷调查,识别并检验了一个三阶析因模型,概念化了TEcLS的基于价值的营销框架。本研究从直播流视角出发,通过直播流作为技术驱动的旅游营销工具,为基于价值的旅游营销提供了新的见解。
Live streaming has become an important means for tourism product marketing in the internet age. However, from value-based marketing perspective, the value attributes and factors of tourism e-commerce live streaming (TEcLS) have not been clearly identified. Using a mixed-method approach and following value-based marketing theory, this study aims to identify a value-based marketing framework of TEcLS and empirically validated the framework. In Study 1, 11 basic live streaming attributes in 4 categories of value-based marketing of TEcLS were identified based on the analysis of TEcLS video data. In Study 2, a three-order factorial model, conceptualizing the value-based marketing framework of TEcLS, was identified and tested through two rounds of questionnaire surveys. This study provides new insights on value-based tourism marketing through live streaming as a technology-enabled tourism marketing tool from the live streamer perspective.
关键词 / Keywords
旅游电子商务; 直播流; 活流人视角; 基于价值的营销; 媒介理论
核心评价 / Indexed by
SSCI; Scopus; WAJCI;
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