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Journal|[J]Theory and Practice in Language Studies (TPLS)Volume 10, Issue 8. 2020. PP 849-862
Parents’ Attitudes towards the Implementation of Arabic as an Additional Language in Dubai: An Exploratory Case Study
摘要 / Abstract
As part of the Ministry of Education (MoE) language policies, the UAE government made Arabic language a compulsory subject for non-speakers in all private schools. The UAE government stipulates that private schools must offer a core programme in Arabic as a second language. Thus, non-Arab expatriates are required to study Arabic as an Additional Language (AAL) from Grade 1 to Grade 9. This qualitative case study aims to explore the attitudes of parents towards the implementation of Arabic as an Additional Language (AAL) in one of the private British schools in Dubai, wherein AAL has been rated ‘Acceptable’. This exploration is a snapshot of attitudes held by parents as key stakeholders in the triad of school, teachers, and parents’ partnership towards the learning and teaching of AAL- whether approving or disapproving of it. It will illuminate some of the arising issues related to potential gaps between the implementation of AAL (practice) and the MoE framework (Theory). Ultimately, this paper aims to uncover challenges and proffer recommendations. To enhance the implementation of AAL in schools, this paper will propose potential parental engagement initiatives that can yield valuable policy decisions.
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