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Journal|[J]Theory and Practice in Language Studies (TPLS)Volume 12, Issue 6. 2022. PP 1119-1132
On the Unmarked Passivized Unergative Construction in Mandarin
Author: Yang Yang
Affiliations: Shantou University
摘要 / Abstract
本文介绍了一种特殊的结构——无标记被动结构( UPUC )。本文旨在从生成语法的角度探讨UPUC的底层结构。在这个构式中,主体是受影响者,受以下VO序列的影响。VO序列表示被动意义。第二部分总结了UPUC独特的语法性质,指出UPUC是一个利益结构,受话人与主位具有不可剥夺的占有关系。然后分析UPUC的推导过程。
This paper introduces a particular construction named the unmarked passivized uneragtive construction (UPUC). The aim of this paper is to explore the underlying structure of UPUC from generative syntax perspective. In this construction, the subject is an Affectee, affected by the following VO sequence. The VO sequence denotes a passive meaning. In the second part, this paper summarizes the unique grammatical properties of UPUC, then points out that the UPUC are a benefit construction and the Affectee has the inalienable possessive relation with the Theme. Then the paper analyzes the derivational process of UPUC.
关键词 / Keywords
钝化; 无能为力的构造; 生成句法; 受影响者; 不可剥夺的占有关系; 未定居建筑; 三带谓语; 被动标记gei; 身体-部分关系
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