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Journal|[J]Theory and Practice in Language Studies (TPLS)Volume 12, Issue 6. 2022. PP 1232-1239
Independent and Subordinate Subjunctive Phrases and Theta-Marking in Arabic Syntax: A Minimalist View
摘要 / Abstract
这项工作的目的是在《现代标准阿拉伯语》中指定与补语? an‘那‘在拼出并排除强制短语时可见的独立的和依附的从属虚拟子句的实际结构。问题:这类短语的实际结构究竟是补语短语[ C’s ],还是时态短语[ T’s ],都存在着混淆。在没有谓词的情况下,也很难决定词组是否构成论元来检查theta角色。理论:这个问题是参照乔姆斯基的极简主义观点( 1995 )、拉德福德( 1988 )和贾拉伯内赫( 2007、 2011、 2017 )来分析的。结论:这些结构在句法上被证明是[ C‘],而不是[ T‘]是补语? an‘那‘在拼出时是显性的,还是在PF时是隐性的;[ C‘s ]作为句法单位并不构成任何谓词的论元;因此;他们不检查阿拉伯语句法中的theta角色。分析还表明,无论是补语? an‘那’是显性的还是隐性的,其句法效应对内部动词的形态影响都是明显的。换句话说,它在语法的各个层次都用虚拟语言标记[ a ]标记。
The objective of this work is to specify the actual structures of independent and dependent subordinate subjunctive clauses visible with the complementizer ?an ‘that’ at spell out and exclude mandative phrases in Modern Standard Arabic. The problems: There is a confusion to specify the actual structures of such phrases whether they are complementizer phrases [C”s] or tense phrases [T”s]. It is also difficulty to decide whether the phrases constitute arguments to check theta roles or not in the absence of a predicate. The theory: this issue is analyzed with reference to Chomsky's minimalist’s views (1995), Radford's (1988) and Jalabneh (2007, 2011, 2017). The conclusions: The structures are syntactically proved to be [C”s] but not [T”s] whether the complementizer ?an ‘that’ is overt at spell out or covert at PF; [C”s] as syntactic units do not constitute arguments for any predicate; thus; they do not check theta roles in Arabic syntax. The analysis shows also that whether the complementizer? an ‘that’ is overt or covert, its syntactic effect is obvious on the morphology of the internal verb. In other words, it is marked with the subjunctive marker [a] at all levels of syntax.
关键词 / Keywords
theta角色; 拼出; Lf; 独立虚拟语; 依赖…等
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