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Journal|[J]Theory and Practice in Language Studies (TPLS)Volume 10, Issue 8. 2020. PP 952-958
MTPigai . org软件在大学英语写作教学中的应用研究——以重庆某大一新生为例
A Study on the Application of Software in Teaching University-level English Writing — Taking a Freshman Class in Chongqing as an Example
Author: Lei Guo
摘要 / Abstract
Writing correction and feedback are important links in teaching English writing. Both play a vital role in improving students' English writing ability. is an online service that provides correction for teachers of the English language, as well as students. He (2013) believes that traditional teaching methods of English writing have various drawbacks, such as delayed teaching feedback and requiring a heavier workload for teachers. Applying to the teaching of university English writing can not only improve the efficiency of teachers by reducing their workload, but is also able to enhance students' English writing ability and self-writing awareness. Based on the analysis of teaching methodology and the current situation of traditional teaching of university-level English writing, this article uses the writing sample of students as research material, questionnaires and interviews as research methods, so as to explore whether can be used in the teaching of university-level English writing and play a role in improving the effectiveness of university-level English writing.
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