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Journal|[J]Theory and Practice in Language Studies (TPLS)Volume 10, Issue 7. 2020. PP 725-733
A Pragmatic Analysis of Proverbs in the Domains of Knowledge Construction in Igbo
Affiliations: University of Nigeria
摘要 / Abstract
The study examines the pragmatic analysis of proverbs in the domains of knowledge construction (KC). Knowledge construction is the process of creating of new ideas and understandings that are new to the discourse rather than the semantic implications. It is imperative that proverbs be surveyed to deduce these implications. The study used as its methodology, six respondents in the Faculty of Arts, University of Nigeria, Nsukka who were given the proverbs for analysis and they were requested to apply their own discretion in the interpretation of those data. In all, the work seeks to answer the question of ‘how can knowledge construction (KC) be used in analysing of Igbo proverbs using pragmatic framework’ and the objective of the study is to find out how KC could assist in bringing out the pragmatic nuances of the Igbo proverbs. The analysis will be carried out using some/all of the following four processes: interpretation, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Finally, the study discovers that KC is deep rooted in contextual analysis as it is obvious that a particular proverb could have as many implications as possible based on the intuitions of the evaluators.
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