作者:Rosario Barbara H , Hurlstone Paul , Lee Fred ...
来源:[J].Age and Ageing(IF 3.816), 2007, Vol.36 (5), pp.593-5PubMed
摘要:This case report describes the management of a frail older patient presenting with a rare case of an obstructing right-sided colonic lesion, combined with complex co-morbidities. The report briefly discusses use of colonic stenting in right colonic lesions as well as palliative m...
作者:Bowman Clive
来源:[J].Age and Ageing(IF 3.816), 2007, Vol.36 (4), pp.360-1PubMed
作者:See K C , Than H A , Tang T
来源:[J].Age and Ageing(IF 3.816), 2007, Vol.36 (5), pp.595-6PubMed
摘要:Enterobacter sakazakii is an uncommon bacterium that is known to cause severe neonatal infection and is rare among adults. We present a peculiar case of E. sakazakii bacteraemia with multiple splenic abscesses in a 75-year-old institutionalised woman, who was successfully treated...
作者:Rosie Juliet , Taylor Denise
来源:[J].Age and Ageing(IF 3.816), 2007, Vol.36 (5), pp.555-62PubMed
摘要:To compare the effects of functional home exercise of repeated sit-to-stands with low-intensity progressive resistance training, on performance measures in mobility-limited adults over 80 years of age.;;Participants' homes.;;Community-dwelling older adults > or =80 years of age w...
作者:Gooberman-Hill Rachael , Ebrahim Shah
来源:[J].Age and Ageing(IF 3.816), 2007, Vol.36 (5), pp.569-73PubMed
摘要:Walking difficulty is common in old age. Simple and inexpensive interventions, such as walking aids, provide considerable assistance. However, older people's views on walking aids are likely to affect their uptake, and we have little knowledge about older people's motivations for...
作者:Manthorpe Jill , Clough Roger , Cornes Michelle ...
来源:[J].Age and Ageing(IF 3.816), 2007, Vol.36 (5), pp.501-7PubMed
摘要:Evaluation of the impact of the National Service Framework for Older People (NSFOP) on the experiences and expectations of older people, 4 years into its 10 year programme.;;the NSFOP is a comprehensive strategy designed to promote fair, high quality, integrated health and social...


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