来源:[J].The Psychoanalytic Review, 2020, Vol.107 (1), pp.35-55Guilford出版社
摘要:Three books by Barnaby B. Barratt emphasize the timelessness of unconscious themes and the “pluritemporality” of free associations. Psychic energy is universal but unrepresentable. Repression renders consciousness unreliable. Such themes separate psychoanalysis from all othe...
来源:[J].The Psychoanalytic Review, 2020, Vol.107 (1), pp.97-98Guilford出版社
来源:[J].The Psychoanalytic Review, 2020, Vol.107 (1), pp.1-34Guilford出版社
摘要:In Moses and Monotheism , Freud developed an influential and highly controversial theory for understanding anti-Semitism as blowback against monotheism, specifically against the Jewish people's form of Geistigkeit (intellectuality/spirituality) and the notion of exclusive chosenn...
作者:Margaret T.Debrot
来源:[J].The Psychoanalytic Review, 2019, Vol.106 (6), pp.559-572Guilford出版社
摘要:Daydreams and night dreams are similar in that both share the wish fulfillment aspect of dreaming. Even though the difference between day and night dreams is obvious—daydreams happen when a person is awake (conscious) and night dreams happen when a person is asleep (unconsci...
作者:Karen L.Lombardi
来源:[J].The Psychoanalytic Review, 2019, Vol.106 (1), pp.73-83Guilford出版社
摘要:This paper contrasts full passion with what I am calling empty passion. As examples of full passion, Melanie Klein's lovehate, Kristeva's maternal passion, Žižek's political passion, and the passion of friendship are discussed in relation to empty passion, a narcissistic des...


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