来源:[J].Science & Society, 2016, Vol.80 (2), pp.170-195Guilford出版社
摘要:The glamour of the silver screen has obscured the Hollywood left's commitment to economic democracy. When Hollywood talent examined the world through the lenses of labor conflict and capitalist production, they began to see themselves as exploited workers, not as privileged middl...
来源:[J].Science & Society, 2016, Vol.80 (2), pp.196-220Guilford出版社
摘要:Congruent both with Maxime Rodinson's theoretical reflections on the articulation between Islam and capitalism and with the embrace of neoliberalism by the Turkish AKP and Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, the Tunisian Islamist party Ennahdha can be shown to have skillfully combined I...
来源:[J].Science & Society, 2016, Vol.80 (3), pp.291-318Guilford出版社
摘要:The project of renewing historical materialist theory for a new generation requires overcoming the limitations of Althusserian structuralism. Upon investigation, Althusser's theory is revealed to be idealist, inconsistent with the philosophy actually articulated by Marx, and...
来源:[J].Science & Society, 2016, Vol.80 (2), pp.221-247Guilford出版社
摘要:Against a backdrop of a critical review of mainstream, more or less naturalistic conceptions of scarcity, an alternative Marxist approach stresses the role of the prevailing capitalist mode of production in the determination of scarcity. Capitalism tends to a systemic increase of...
来源:[J].Science & Society, 2016, Vol.80 (1), pp.3-3Guilford出版社
来源:[J].Science & Society, 2016, Vol.80 (1), pp.31-55Guilford出版社
摘要:Distributive justice, defined as justice in distribution of income and wealth, is impossible. Income and wealth are distributed either unequally or equally. If unequally, then those with less are unjustly subject to social contempt. But equal distribution is impossible because it...
作者:Alan M.Wald
来源:[J].Science & Society, 2016, Vol.80 (2), pp.147-169Guilford出版社
摘要:Aaron Kramer was the most prolific poet to emerge from the U. S. Communist movement in the mid-20th century, his earliest collections issued by International Publishers. In his last decades, he was chiefly known as a skilled and reliable contributor of verse, essays, and translat...


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