作者:Hans-Joachim Schweitzer , Ute Schweitzer , Johanna H.A. van Konijnenburg-van Cittert ...
来源:[J].Palaeontographica Abteilung B(IF 0.684), 2009, Vol.279 (1-6), pp.1-108Schweizerbart
摘要:This 14th and final monograph on the Mesozoic plant micro- and macrofossils of Iran and Afghanistan deals with the leptosporangiate ferns. After the introduction, the stratigraphic distribution of more than 200 different plant species in the flora is treated with the aid of a num...
作者:Jan-Peter Frahm
来源:[J].Palaeontographica Abteilung B(IF 0.684), 2005, Vol.271 (1-6), pp.159-168Schweizerbart
摘要:Vierzehn Laubmoose werden aus Baltischem Bernstein (Eozän) angegeben. Die Inklusen können rezenten Arten oder ausgestorbenen Arten von rezenten Gattungen zugeordnet werden, andere nur rezenten Gattungen oder nur Formgattungen. Soweit es sich um rezente Arten handelt, handelt...
作者:Maria Luisa Lorscheitter , Ashraf Abdul Rahman , Paulo Günter Windisch ...
来源:[J].Palaeontographica Abteilung B(IF 0.684), 2005, Vol.270 (1-6), pp.1-180Schweizerbart
摘要:Die Arbeit bildet den fünften Teil eines Atlas der rezenten Pteridophyten-Flora von Rio Grande do Sul, Brasilien, wobei der Sporen-Morphologie besonderes Gewicht beigemessen wird. Dargestellt wird die Familie Polypodiaceae (einschließlich Grammitidaceae) mit der Abteilung Po...
作者:Jean-Pierre Laveine , Amor Belhis
来源:[J].Palaeontographica Abteilung B(IF 0.684), 2007, Vol.277 (1-4), pp.1-41Schweizerbart
摘要:An exceptional collection of remarkably informative specimens of Macroneuropteris scheuchzeri<> from the Bolsovian (ex Westphalian C) of the Northern France coal field shows a bifurcate semi-pinnate type of frond architecture. This collection allows the circumscription of the var...
作者:Helmut Kaiser
来源:[J].Palaeontographica Abteilung B(IF 0.684), 2008, Vol.278 (1-3), pp.1-12Schweizerbart
摘要:To the very last day of his active and fulfilling life, Schweitzer has dedicated his forces to palaeobotanical research, entrusting to colleagues, summoned to his hospital bed, an uncompleted manuscript on the lower Devonian floras of the Rhineland, among them Dr. Stephan Schultk...
作者:David J. Cantrill
来源:[J].Palaeontographica Abteilung B(IF 0.684), 2000, Vol.253 (4-6), pp.153-191Schweizerbart
摘要:Lower Cretaceous strata on President Head, Snow Island, Antarctica, contain abundant plant mega- and microfossils. The stratigraphic relationships and palynology indicate an Aptian age for this flora. Sedimentology of the plant-bearing units strongly supports an interpretation of...
作者:Rafał Kowalski
来源:[J].Palaeontographica Abteilung B(IF 0.684), 2010, Vol.284 (1-3), pp.1-11Schweizerbart
摘要:Remains of the genus Choerospondias Burtt et Hill of the family Anacardiaceae are reported from the Lowest Middle Miocene flora of the Turów brown coal open-cast mine. Choerospondias turovensis n. sp. is described and compared with the single contemporary representative, Cho...
作者:Yngve Grahn , Jaak Nõlvak
来源:[J].Palaeontographica Abteilung B(IF 0.684), 2010, Vol.283 (1-3), pp.5-71Schweizerbart
摘要:At least two composite facies belts are known from the Ordovician of Sweden. The Central Baltoscandian Confacies Belt covers Ordovician outcrop areas on Swedish territory, except for the province of Skåne and the western part of the province of Västergötland (Halleberg-Hunne...
作者:Zlatko Kvaček , Vasilis Teodoridis , Paul Roiron
来源:[J].Palaeontographica Abteilung B(IF 0.684), 2011, Vol.285 (1-3), pp.1-2Schweizerbart
摘要:Jean Huard was born in Paris, on June 4th, 1938. In 1959, following his studies in natural sciences, he began his work as a researcher at the National Museumof Natural History, Paris, in the laboratory of “Comparative anatomy of living and fossil plants”.
作者:Sonja Wedmann
来源:[J].Palaeontographica Abteilung B(IF 0.684), 2010, Vol.283 (4-6), pp.175-182Schweizerbart
摘要:Defensive strategies of insects against visual hunting predators include crypsis, aposematism, and mimicry. In the extant fauna, many cryptic insects mimic leaves or twigs; these include several groups of grasshoppers and katydids (Orthoptera), stick and leaf insects (Phasmatodea...


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