BioOne Complete期刊
作者:Jason T. Zalack , Dale A. Casamatta , Robert G. Verb ...
来源:[J].Northeastern Naturalist(IF 0.362), 2006, Vol.13 (3), pp.301-318BioOne Complete
摘要:A survey of the algal flora for a minimally polluted stream in southeastern Ohio was conducted over a two-year period (17 sampling dates) as part of an all-taxa biotic survey. Four algal categories were sampled: macroalgae (readily visible with the naked eye), microalgae (associa...
作者:Catherine A. Corey , Rhiannon Dowling , David L. Strayer
来源:[J].Northeastern Naturalist(IF 0.362), 2006, Vol.13 (3), pp.319-332BioOne Complete
摘要:Gravid females of Ligumia display marginal papillae to attract fish hosts for their parasitic larvae. In L. nasuta and L. subrostrata , the papillae move rapidly and synchronously, but we did not see L. recta 's papillae move. The moving displays of L. nasuta and L. subrostrata a...
作者:Craig D. Snyder , John A. Young , Ben M. Stout
来源:[J].Northeastern Naturalist(IF 0.362), 2006, Vol.13 (3), pp.333-352BioOne Complete
摘要:We conducted surveys of aquatic habitats during the spring and summer of 1995 in Canaan Valley, WV, to describe the diversity of aquatic habitats in the valley and identify issues that may threaten the viability of aquatic species. We assessed physical habitat and water chemistry...
作者:Tracy Van Holt , Diane M. Murphy , Lauren Chapman
来源:[J].Northeastern Naturalist(IF 0.362), 2006, Vol.13 (3), pp.353-374BioOne Complete
摘要:We used local and landscape models to predict fish assemblages in the Great Swamp, NY, a region undergoing rapid development. Fish were surveyed across 17 sites. Fish-species richness, diversity, percent intolerant species, and IBI metrics for fish species richness, benthic insec...
作者:Megan C. Tyrrell , Patricia A. Guarino , Larry G. Harris
来源:[J].Northeastern Naturalist(IF 0.362), 2006, Vol.13 (3), pp.375-390BioOne Complete
摘要:We utilized microcosms that mimicked the rocky intertidal community to examine the predatory impacts of two introduced crab species, Carcinus maenas and Hemigrapsus sanguineus , on naturally occurring assemblages of organisms on rocks in the laboratory and in the field. The two c...
作者:David A. Neely , Anna L. George
来源:[J].Northeastern Naturalist(IF 0.362), 2006, Vol.13 (3), pp.391-402BioOne Complete
摘要:An introduced population of Etheostoma blennioides (greenside darter) in the Susquehanna River drainage has rapidly expanded its range since its discovery in the late 1960s. Geochronology of collection data in the Susquehanna River drainage provides evidence for explosive dispers...
作者:David E. Harris , Sat Gupta
来源:[J].Northeastern Naturalist(IF 0.362), 2006, Vol.13 (3), pp.403-420BioOne Complete
摘要:Phoca groenlandica (harp seals) and Cystophora cristata (hooded seals), two species of ice-breeding seals, are being sighted more frequently onshore in the Gulf of Maine since 1990, but little is known about their behavior in this ecosystem. We obtained records of 904 ice-breedin...
作者:Virgil Brack
来源:[J].Northeastern Naturalist(IF 0.362), 2006, Vol.13 (3), pp.421-434BioOne Complete
摘要:Nocturnal activity and diurnal roosts of Myotis sodalis (Indiana bat) were studied during autumn swarming in 2000 near a hibernaculum in Bland County, VA. Bats were active in 9 habitats, using open deciduous forests more fequently, and developed lands, closed deciduous habit...
作者:Nicole M. Tuttle , David P. Benson , Dale W. Sparks
来源:[J].Northeastern Naturalist(IF 0.362), 2006, Vol.13 (3), pp.435-442BioOne Complete
摘要:We conducted a study of the diet of the federally endangered Indiana bat ( Myotis sodalis ) at an urban/rural interface near Indianapolis International Airport in summer 2004. We used two 1-m2 quadrats covered with window screening to collect guano under a known roost ...
作者:Jonathan Lyon , Tracy Eastman
来源:[J].Northeastern Naturalist(IF 0.362), 2006, Vol.13 (3), pp.443-453BioOne Complete
摘要:The objectives of this project were to: assess the presence of aquatic macrophyte species assemblages, associations, and/or communities; assess the distribution of Cabomba caroliniana (fanwort) and other macrophytes with water depth; and analyze the spatial distribution of fanwor...


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