作者:Georg Mayr
来源:[J].Meteorologische Zeitschrift(IF 1.084), 2018, Vol.2 (6), pp.294-294
摘要:Schröder, W. und H.-J. Treder: Theoretical Concepts and Observational Implications in Meteorology and Geophysics (Selected papers from the IAGA symposium to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Ertel's potential vorticity). - 1993.
作者:Cornelia Lüdecke
来源:[J].Meteorologische Zeitschrift(IF 1.084), 2018, Vol.6 (6), pp.315-316
摘要:Eelsalu, H. and H. Tooming (Hrsg.): Meteorology in Estonia in Johannes Letzmann's Times and Today. - Estonian Academy Publishers, Tallinn, 1995; Wutzke, U.: Durch die Weiße Wüste. Leben und Leistungen des Grönlandforschers und Entdeckers der Kontinentaldrift Alfred Wegener. ...
作者:Simon K. Siedersleben , Andreas Platis , Julie K. Lundquist ...
来源:[J].Meteorologische Zeitschrift(IF 1.084), 2018, Vol.27 (5), pp.401-415
摘要:Large offshore wind farms are usually clustered around transmission grids to minimize the expense of transmission, due to military zones, pipelines, and due to other uses such as nature preserves. However, this close proximity can undermine power production in downwind wind farms...
作者:R. Sneyers
来源:[J].Meteorologische Zeitschrift(IF 1.084), 2018, Vol.1 (5), pp.247-256
摘要:In this paper a simple but objective statistical method is developed in order to determine the characteristics of the structure of a time series in the case of internal instability. Due to the random character, at least at the monthly scale, of the climatological series of observ...
作者:Gunther Seckmeyer , Christopher Mustert , Michael Schrempf ...
来源:[J].Meteorologische Zeitschrift(IF 1.084), 2017, Vol.27 (3), pp.223-233
摘要:UV exposure, which is the main source for a sufficient level of vitamin D in the human body, is found to be up to a factor of 7 lower in Northern Germany (52° N) in the winter months compared to UV levels in the central region of New Zealand's South Island (45° S). When corr...
作者:Ulrich Schumann
来源:[J].Meteorologische Zeitschrift(IF 1.084), 2018, Vol.6 (6), pp.304-305
摘要:The clouds often seen to be formed in the wake of aircraft are called condensation trails (Brewer 1946), contrails (Appleman 1953), or Kondensstreifen. Contrails form behind propeller-driven aircraft as well as behind jet aircraft. Contrails often turn over into cirrus cloud...
作者:Michael Sprenger , Jürg Schmidli , Lukas Egloff
来源:[J].Meteorologische Zeitschrift(IF 1.084), 2017, Vol.27 (1), pp.15-32
摘要:In north-eastern Switzerland, near the village of Appenzell, the Laseyer wind storm recurrently forces the operators of the local train service to stop the service into the narrow Schwende valley. In fact, a train derailment on 19 January 2007 was attributed to the strong cr...
作者:Karl-Gerd Richter
来源:[J].Meteorologische Zeitschrift(IF 1.084), 2018, Vol.6 (3), pp.143-143
摘要:Baumgartner, A. und Liebscher, H.-J.: Allgemeine Hydrologie - Quantitative Hydrologie. - Gebr. Borntraeger, Berlin, Stuttgart, 1996.
作者:B. Rudolf , H. Hauschild , M. Reiss ...
来源:[J].Meteorologische Zeitschrift(IF 1.084), 2018, Vol.1 (1), pp.72-76
摘要:Die aus den verschiedenen Auswertemethoden (manuelle bzw. objektive Analyse) und Datenquellen (konventionelle Meßdaten, Satellitenaufnahmen, numerische Wettervorhersagen) abgeleiteten Niederschlagsschätzungen werden als großräumige Flächenmittelwerte miteinander verglic...


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