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摘要:The Permanent Working Group of European Junior Hospital Doctors' Policy Statement on Postgraduate Medical Education reviewed the regulations governing postgraduate training in the European Communities and set out educational principles which the Group believed were applicable in ...
作者:Rudner H L , Bestvater D , Bader E
来源:[J].Medical education(IF 3.546), 1990, Vol.24 (5), pp.461-6PubMed
摘要:Educational programmes for family practice should develop family counselling skills of students to moderate levels of competence. Few specific training programmes are part of the regular curriculum and of these few are evaluated. Twenty-three residents enrolled in a 2-year family...
来源:[J].Medical education(IF 3.546), 1979, Vol.13 (5), pp.325-6PubMed
作者:Johnson C Erwin , Hurtubise Larry C , Castrop Julie ...
来源:[J].Medical education(IF 3.546), 2004, Vol.38 (6), pp.599-608PubMed
摘要:AIMS(#br)We report how the learning management system (LMS) Web Course Tools (WebCT) was used to design, implement and evaluate the web-based course "Principles of Ambulatory Paediatrics", taken by paediatric residents during an ambulatory block rotation. This report also illustr...
作者:Rees Charlotte E
来源:[J].Medical education(IF 3.546), 2004, Vol.38 (6), pp.593-8PubMed
摘要:BACKGROUND(#br)Educators across the world are charged with the responsibility of producing core learning outcomes for medical curricula. However, much educational theory exists which deliberates the value of learning outcomes in education.(#br)AIMS(#br)This paper aims to discuss ...
作者:Talbot Martin
来源:[J].Medical education(IF 3.546), 2004, Vol.38 (6), pp.587-92PubMed
摘要:BACKGROUND(#br)Graduate medical education in the UK is in danger of being subsumed in a minimalist discourse of competency.(#br)ARGUMENT(#br)While accepting that competence in a doctor is a sine qua non, the author criticises the construction of a graduate and specialist medical ...
作者:Pritchard Lisa S
来源:[J].Medical education(IF 3.546), 2004, Vol.38 (6), pp.584-6PubMed


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