ICE Publishing
作者:Zhuangcheng Fang
来源:[J].Magazine of Concrete Research(IF 0.563), 2018, pp.1-20ICE Publishing
摘要:This study presents the results of ongoing research to investigate the shear-friction behaviour of the interface between high-strength (HS) concrete and lightweight (LW) concrete by conducting tests on 18 push-off specimens with a smooth interface condition. The primary parameter...
作者:Mustafa Hameed Al-Allaf
来源:[J].Magazine of Concrete Research(IF 0.563), 2018, pp.1-16ICE Publishing
摘要:This paper presents the experimental results obtained from lightweight concrete (LWC) and normal weight concrete (NWC) beams with closed and U-shaped configurations of epoxy-bonded carbon fibre-reinforced polymer (CFRP) reinforcement in order to compare the shear-resisting mechan...
作者:Dejian Shen
来源:[J].Magazine of Concrete Research(IF 0.563), 2018, Vol.70 (14), pp.726-738ICE Publishing
摘要:High-performance concrete (HPC) is widely used. However, HPC with a low water-to-binder ratio generally experiences rather high autogenous shrinkage. If restrained, autogenous shrinkage can result in the development of residual tensile stresses that may be sufficient to cause cra...
作者:Bijivemujla Sudheer Kumar Reddy
来源:[J].Magazine of Concrete Research(IF 0.563), 2018, Vol.70 (22), pp.1149-1156ICE Publishing
摘要:Core tests are commonly used for the verification of the in situ compressive strength of concrete. Laboratory core testing (LCT) takes up to 5 d. A newly developed in situ compressive testing (ICT) machine, which reduces the time required for core testing from 4–5 d to 30 mi...
作者:Xiusheng Tang
来源:[J].Magazine of Concrete Research(IF 0.563), 2018, pp.1-8ICE Publishing
摘要:The advantages and disadvantages of cement-based materials with high-volume ground granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBFS) are known. The two disadvantages of higher viscosity and lower early strength have still not been well solved in common practice. In order to improve both the ...
作者:Dipak Kumar Sahoo
来源:[J].Magazine of Concrete Research(IF 0.563), 2018, pp.1-10ICE Publishing
摘要:Isolated strut tests were performed to study the effect of plain concrete lateral confinement on the efficiency of two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) bottle-shaped struts. For the 2D struts, thin plain concrete panels of varying width were tested to failure under in-...
作者:Ninghui Liang
来源:[J].Magazine of Concrete Research(IF 0.563), 2018, pp.1-9ICE Publishing
摘要:In order to explore the frost-resistance mechanism of multi-scale polypropylene-fibre-reinforced concrete (PFRC), the mass loss rate and relative dynamic elastic modulus variation curves of concretes made with different sizes of polypropylene (PP) fibre were analysed based o...
作者:Jung-Yoon Lee
来源:[J].Magazine of Concrete Research(IF 0.563), 2018, pp.1-27ICE Publishing
摘要:Energy dissipation of columns in the post-yielding range of deformation plays a significant role in preventing the total collapse of reinforced concrete (RC) structures. However, such plastic deformations cause elongation in plastic hinge regions of RC columns if the axial force ...
作者:Marianna Micallef
来源:[J].Magazine of Concrete Research(IF 0.563), 2018, Vol.70 (14), pp.739-755ICE Publishing
摘要:Over time, the length of reinforcement laps required by design standards has increased significantly. By way of illustration, fib Model Code 2010 can require over twice the lap length required by the superseded UK code BS 8110-1:1997. The need for this increase is debatable ...
作者:Piotr Mackiewicz , Antoni Szydło
来源:[J].Magazine of Concrete Research(IF 0.563), 2018, pp.1-30ICE Publishing
摘要:Exceeding permissive stresses concentrated around dowels in concrete is the main factor that limits the efficiency of load transfer in the pavement. To study the contact stresses, laboratory analyses and numerical calculations using the finite element method (FEM) were carried ou...


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