作者:Ana Luisa Santos , Filipa Barros , António Azevedo
来源:[J].Journal of Product & Brand Management, 2019, Vol.28 (2), pp.242-255
摘要:Purpose(#br)Beyond traditional brand endorsement, many celebrities have in recent years decided to launch their own product lines, which may be used to promote their own celebrity brand. Which product categories or social causes match a celebrity’s brand personality? This st...
作者:Damien Hallegatte , Myriam Ertz , François Marticotte
来源:[J].Journal of Product & Brand Management, 2018, Vol.27 (5), pp.484-497
摘要:Retro branding is gaining unprecedented momentum. This study aims to empirically examine the moderating impact of nostalgia proneness on the relationship between retro branding and consumer behavioral intentions in the music industry. Nostalgia and retro branding are two par...
作者:Giuseppe Pedeliento , Mihalis Kavaratzis
来源:[J].Journal of Product & Brand Management, 2019, Vol.28 (3), pp.348-363
摘要:Although place branding is increasingly popular in research as well as in local, regional and national political agendas, the theoretical foundations of the place branding discipline are still underdeveloped. By embracing the stream of identity-based studies, this paper aims to a...
作者:Verena Sabine Thaler , Uta Herbst , Michael A. Merz
来源:[J].Journal of Product & Brand Management, 2018, Vol.27 (4), pp.427-439
摘要:While product scandals generate many negative headlines, the extent of their impact on the scandalized brands’ equity remains unclear. Research findings are mixed. This might be because of the limitations of existing measurement approaches when investigating the effects of r...
作者:Emmanuel Mogaji , Annie Danbury
来源:[J].Journal of Product & Brand Management, 2017, Vol.26 (6), pp.531-544
摘要:Purpose(#br)The present state of the financial services industry suggests the need for banks to appeal to consumers’ emotions with the aim of improving their reputation; this study aims to explore how UK banks are using emotional appeals in their advertisements and how this ...
作者:Naeem Gul Gilal , Jing Zhang , Faheem Gul Gilal
来源:[J].Journal of Product & Brand Management, 2018, Vol.27 (6), pp.684-700
摘要:In the modern era, the significance of product design has increased because customers’ priorities in the evaluation of products have changed from product price to product design. Companies consider product design to be one of the most important sources of competitive advanta...
作者:Francisco Guzmán , Donna Davis
来源:[J].Journal of Product & Brand Management, 2017, Vol.26 (5), pp.435-446
摘要:Purpose(#br)A significant stream of research investigates the influence of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives on firm performance and consumer response to CSR programs. However, how CSR initiatives help build brand equity remains relatively unexamined. This st...
作者:Michelle Renton , Hamish Simmonds
来源:[J].Journal of Product & Brand Management, 2017, Vol.26 (4), pp.365-374
摘要:Purpose(#br)This paper aims to offer fresh insight into attitudes towards casually used brands and the role of tie strength in the building of online non-brand-related network relationships amongst young consumers. (#br)Design/methodology/approach(#br)Thirteen consumers aged...
作者:Cristelle Msaed , Sam O. Al-Kwifi , Zafar U. Ahmed
来源:[J].Journal of Product & Brand Management, 2017, Vol.26 (2), pp.102-119
摘要:Purpose(#br)The purpose of this study is to determine the factors that underpin consumer switching intention in the smartphone industry. Most of the literature on brand switching uses conventional models that lack the ability to explain this behavior for high-technology prod...
作者:Hyunjoo Oh , Paulo Henrique Muller Prado , Jose Carlos Korelo ...
来源:[J].Journal of Product & Brand Management, 2019, Vol.28 (2), pp.231-241
摘要:Purpose(#br)This paper aims to explore the impact of brand authenticity on forming self-reinforcing assets (enticing-the-self, enriching-the-self and enabling-the-self), which subsequently influence the brand-self connectedness and consumers’ behavioral intentions. (#br)Desi...


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