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作者:Anna Grear
来源:[B].Elgar Research Reviews in Law2020
摘要:The editor takes an excitingly broad and refreshing approach to environmental justice, tracing the subject from its early developments to its contemporary need for a new non-anthropocentric ontology responsive to questions of human-non-human justice. This invaluable study include...
作者:Brad Sherman , Susannah Chapman
来源:[B].Elgar Research Reviews in Law2020
摘要:Intellectual Property and Agriculture addresses the important but largely neglected question of intellectual property’s relationship to the production, processing, marketing, and circulation of agricultural inputs, products, and practices. This comprehensive literature revie...
作者:Susan Beth Farmer
来源:[B].Elgar Research Reviews in Law2020
摘要:This important research review identifies leading articles covering the breadth of comparative competition law. The review addresses the theories behind competition, the issues surrounding the abuse of dominance or monopolization and the vertical restraints of trade, as well as c...
作者:Lionel Smith , Alexandra Popovici
来源:[B].Elgar Research Reviews in Law2019
摘要:This review discusses the most important and influential papers in the field of Equity and Trusts. While taking seriously the intimate and historical relationship between English Equity and the law of trusts, it also addresses new and comparative perspectives on the subject, brin...
作者:Donald R. Rothwell , Alan D. Hemmings
来源:[B].Elgar Research Reviews in Law2018
摘要:This research review provides a comprehensive overview of the law of the polar regions. It traces the historical development of polar law in the Arctic and Antarctic and then assesses in detail the specific legal regimes that have developed for both regions. Common elements are t...
作者:Wendy Collins Perdue
来源:[B].Elgar Research Reviews in Law2017
摘要:This research review examines leading English language journal articles in the area of private international law. It focuses on a range of procedural issues that have particular salience for international litigation including the location of process and discovery, class actions a...
作者:Mark J. Loewenstein , Robert W. Hillman
来源:[B].Elgar Research Reviews in Law2018
摘要:This magisterial research review presents and analyses the leading academic articles on agency law and partnership law, both classic and contemporary. The review begins by focusing on topics such as the fundamental concepts of agency law, the fiduciary duties of agents, indemnifi...
作者:Mark Tushnet
来源:[B].Elgar Research Reviews in Law2017
摘要:This research review presents and discusses a carefully considered selection of the most significant articles to aid and guide research into comparative constitutional law. Topics covered include historical studies of public law in different nations, theoretical accounts of right...
作者:Linda J. Silberman , Franco Ferrari
来源:[B].Elgar Research Reviews in Law2017
摘要:This research review presents a 24-article tour of the topics surrounding the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments. Written by two leading experts in the field, the review explores different approaches to, and comparative perspectives of, judgment recognition and enfo...
作者:Robert P. Merges , Amy L. Landers
来源:[B].Elgar Research Reviews in Law2017
摘要:This research review examines the many facets of the public domain. It discusses key papers whose topics are the various justifications for a rich repository of publicly available information, including policies favouring robust competition, free speech, and scientific and techno...


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