作者:Leonor Sáez Méndez
来源:[J].Education, Society and Elites, 2018, Vol.16 (25), pp.263-282FahrenHouse
摘要:The question of the transmission of a language, from an integral perspective, requires categories in a wider sense than merely the linguistic one, since it implies incorporating the language and its context as applied linguistics (intercultural pragmatics, intercultural communica...
作者:Mª José Martínez Ruiz-Funes , Carmen Mª Cerdá Mondejar
来源:[J].Education, Society and Elites, 2018, Vol.16 (25), pp.27-47FahrenHouse
摘要:The German School in Cartagena opened its doors in 1931 coinciding with the beginning of the second Spanish Republic. The support for secular education allowed projects such as those promoted by the consul Fricke Cartagena. Its privileged position in the harbor zone, an important...
作者:Joaquim Pintassilgo , Alda Namora
来源:[J].Education, Society and Elites, 2018, Vol.16 (25), pp.9-26FahrenHouse
摘要:This article was written within the INOVAR project, whose purpose is to understand the historical course and to characterize the pedagogical model of a set of «different» schools that were established in Portugal during the twentieth century. The school which is studied in t...
作者:Carl Antonius Lemke Duque
来源:[J].Education, Society and Elites, 2018, Vol.16 (25), pp.225-241FahrenHouse
摘要:Since the end of the 1970s business ethics has become an emerging academic discipline as well as in the US as in Europe pushed particulary by enviromental disasters and business scandals such as, for instance, the case of Exxon Valdez in 1989 or more recently the strategic fraud ...
作者:Ana Relaño Pastor , Alicia Fernández Barrera
来源:[J].Education, Society and Elites, 2018, Vol.16 (25), pp.283-309FahrenHouse
摘要:This article analyzes how neoliberalism as ideology and practice permeates CLIL-type bilingual education teachers’ narratives collected as part of the sociolinguistic ethnography conducted in four Spanish-English bilingual schools in La Mancha City (pseudonym). The rapid imp...
作者:Carlos Martínez Valle
来源:[J].Education, Society and Elites, 2018, Vol.16 (25), pp.95-118FahrenHouse
摘要:The article explores the conditions of possibility and political and educational uses of the reception of Paul Gerhard Natorp between 1906 and 1916 by his Spanish students. The article analyzes the ideas that were rejected in possible intellectual alternatives such as John D...
作者:Jurgi Kintana Goriena , Karmele Artetxe Sánchez
来源:[J].Education, Society and Elites, 2018, Vol.16 (25), pp.49-68FahrenHouse
摘要:The article explores the experience of the private primary school «Ikastetxea», founded in 1896 in Bilbao (Basque Country). It was a pioneer centre in the use of the Basque language into the classroom. Like many other private schools that emerged in the same time and city, I...
作者:Ana Luísa Fernandes Paz
来源:[J].Education, Society and Elites, 2018, Vol.16 (25), pp.171-192FahrenHouse
摘要:The main goal of this article is to contribute to an understanding of the processes of legitimation of Portuguese musical elites, meeting the patterns of change during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The research refers to a prosopography of the 460 most succes...
作者:Jordi García Farrero , Begoña Lafuente Nafría , Conrad Vilanou Torrano
来源:[J].Education, Society and Elites, 2018, Vol.16 (25), pp.141-170FahrenHouse
摘要:One of the novelties of higher education in recent Europe has been the emergence of Catholic universities that, in the framework of the history of the old continent, marked a turning point in the dialogue between faith and culture, against the backdrop of the emergence of mo...
作者:Cecilia Valbuena Canet
来源:[J].Education, Society and Elites, 2018, Vol.16 (25), pp.69-94FahrenHouse
摘要:This research is born with the objective of analyzing the introduction in Spain of the idea of the «Work School» ( Arbeitsschule ) developed by Georg Kerschsensteiner in Germany, whose main characteristic was to turn «work» into the starting point around which all teaching s...


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