作者:Judith R Homberg , Tamas Kozicz , Guillén Fernández
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 2017, Vol.14, pp.27-32Elsevier
摘要:The stress response allows effective handling of threats, but can become maladaptive in vulnerable individuals causing anxiety. While research so far focused on individual brain regions, the field of human cognitive neuroscience emphasizes a brain organization in large-scale netw...
作者:Ethan M Anderson , David W Self
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 2017, Vol.13, pp.117-123Elsevier
摘要:Many reports show that repeated cocaine administration increases dendritic spine density in medium spiny neurons of the nucleus accumbens, but there is less agreement regarding the persistence of these changes. In this review we examine these discrepancies by systematically categ...
作者:Steven R Laviolette
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 2017, Vol.13, pp.46-54Elsevier
摘要:Opiates, like many drugs of abuse, possess both rewarding and aversive stimulus properties. Nevertheless, the precise neurobiological mechanisms controlling these different motivational aspects of opiates are not well understood. The brains cannabinoid receptor system shares cons...
作者:Tara L. White
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 2017, Vol.13, pp.63-70Elsevier
摘要:Psychostimulant addiction is an important, relapsing condition for which there is no effective pharmacological treatment. Countering this problem requires an understanding of the specific risk factors that predispose individuals to initial misuse of these drugs. Healthy individua...
作者:Shikha Prashad , Francesca M Filbey
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 2017, Vol.13, pp.1-7Elsevier
摘要:Cannabis use affects cortico-striatal networks that are essential for producing movement. In this review, we summarize the literature on motor system dysfunction in cannabis users and provide a rationale for why motor learning should be considered an important area in cannabis re...
作者:Dieter J Meyerhoff
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 2017, Vol.13, pp.13-18Elsevier
摘要:The simultaneous and/or concurrent use of licit and illicit substances (polysubstance use, PSU) is most common today. Structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has been applied extensively to study individuals ostensibly using a single substance. These studies have produced a p...
作者:Boris B Quednow
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 2017, Vol.13, pp.55-62Elsevier
摘要:Beyond impairments in attention, memory, and executive functions, chronic users of stimulant drugs also display specific disturbances in social cognition, which are contributing to social dysfunctions in their daily life. Recent studies have shown overlapping alterations in fear ...
作者:Grace M Brennan , Luke W Hyde , Arielle R Baskin-Sommers
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 2017, Vol.13, pp.124-129Elsevier
摘要:The association between substance use disorders (SUDs) and crime is one of the most reliable themes in the SUDs literature. While SUDs undoubtedly contribute to crime, there is also good evidence that specific clinical syndromes place individuals at higher risk for SUDs. Of ...
作者:Elizabeth V Goldfarb , Elizabeth A Phelps
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 2017, Vol.14, pp.47-53Elsevier
摘要:Stress can strongly influence memory, in part by modulating the relative engagement of multiple memory systems. Over the last fifteen years, researchers have demonstrated that stress leads striatal, rather than hippocampal, memory to be dominant in both humans and non-human anima...
作者:Thomas E Gladwin , Corinde E Wiers , Reinout W Wiers
来源:[J].Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 2017, Vol.13, pp.19-24Elsevier
摘要:Automatic processes related to addiction can be directly targeted in novel training paradigms. First studies have demonstrated that Cognitive Bias Modification (CBM) targeting approach biases can enhance treatment outcomes when added to regular treatment. However, the overall eff...


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