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作者:Londt, Jason , Dikow, Torsten
来源:[J].African Invertebrates(IF 0.739), 2019, Vol.60 (1), pp.31-65
摘要:Southern African Choerades Walker, 1851 are reviewed. Six species are recognised (C. analogos sp. n. described from South Africa: KwaZulu-Natal, C. bella (Loew, 1858), C. flavipes (Wiedemann, 1821), C. multipunctata (Oldroyd, 1974), C. nigrapex (Bigot, 1878), C. nigrescens (Ricar...
作者:Sinclair, Bradley
来源:[J].African Invertebrates(IF 0.739), 2019, Vol.60 (1), pp.133-145
摘要:The genus Stuckenbergomyia Smith is revised with the description of a new species from Namibia (S. namibiensis sp. nov.) and an undescribed species based on females from Western Cape Province of South Africa. The genus is fully illustrated and its phylogenetic relationships withi...
作者:Zonstein, Sergei , Marusik, Yuri
来源:[J].African Invertebrates(IF 0.739), 2019, Vol.60 (1), pp.83-95
摘要:Based on the types deposited in the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin (Germany), the following African species of Palpimanus Dufour, 1820 are re-examined and redescribed in details: P. namaquensis Simon, 1910 (South Africa, Namibia), P. nubilus Simon, 1910 (Namibia), P. paroculus...
作者:Kim, Chang-Jun , Copeland, Robert , Notton, David
来源:[J].African Invertebrates(IF 0.739), 2018, Vol.59, pp.127-163
摘要:The family Ismaridae Thomson, 1858 is reported from the Afrotropical region for the first time. A total of 15 species are recognised, 14 of which are described as new: Ismarus africanus sp. n. from Cameroon, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa; I. apertus sp. n. from Kenya; I. bicol...
作者:Armstrong, Adrian , Nxele, Thembeka
来源:[J].African Invertebrates(IF 0.739), 2017, Vol.58, pp.11-20
摘要:Certain groups of invertebrates are becoming mainstreamed in conservation activities in KwaZulu-Natal, especially taxa that have many narrow-range species endemic to the province. As a result, there may be a need to assign common (in this case English) names where these are unava...
作者:Arriaga-Varela, Emmanuel , Seidel, Matthias , Fikácek, Martin
来源:[J].African Invertebrates(IF 0.739), 2018, Vol.59 (1), pp.1-23
摘要:A new genus of coprophagous beetle, Evanesternum gen. n. (Hydrophilidae: Sphaeridiinae: Megasternini), is described in order to accommodate Cercyon (Acycreon) pulsatus d’Orchymont, 1937 from the Republic of South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo. A detailed descri...
作者:Mwende, Grace , Kioko, Esther N. , Li, Shuqiang ...
来源:[J].African Invertebrates(IF 0.739), 2018, Vol.59, pp.111-126
摘要:In the current study, three species reported from Kenya are transferred from Agelena Walckenaer, 1805 to Mistaria Lehtinen, 1967, i.e. M. fagei (Caporiacco, 1949), comb. n., M. nairobii (Caporiacco, 1949), comb. n. and M. zorica (Strand, 1913), comb. n. One new species M. nyeupen...
作者:Midgley, John , Engelbrecht, Ian
来源:[J].African Invertebrates(IF 0.739), 2019, Vol.60 (1), pp.1-13
摘要:During 2015 and 2016 several baboon spider specimens (Araneae: Theraphosidae) were collected in central Angola during surveys undertaken for the Okavango Wilderness Project. These collections represent range and habitat extensions for Pterinochilus Pocock, 1897, Ceratogyrus Pococ...
作者:Daniel, Claire , Midgley, John , Villet, Martin
来源:[J].African Invertebrates(IF 0.739), 2017, Vol.58, pp.1-10
摘要:Thanatophilus micans and T. mutilatus have significance for forensic entomology. Their larvae are therefore described and a key is provided for identifying the larvae of Afrotropical Silphidae based on morphological characters. It is shown that seven common species of Thanatophil...


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