ICE Publishing
作者:Ammar Elhoweris , Isabel Galan , Fredrik P. Glasser
来源:[J].Advances in Cement Research(IF 0.754), 2018, pp.1-27ICE Publishing
摘要:Calcium sulfoaluminate cements are widely used as special cements and, because of their low specific CO2 emissions relative to Portland cement, have potential for use in general construction. However, their widespread application has been limited by the relatively high cost ...
作者:Sunil Kumar Saxena
来源:[J].Advances in Cement Research(IF 0.754), 2018, Vol.30 (1), pp.1-7ICE Publishing
摘要:Waste management of pond fly ash containing heavy metals beyond optimum limit is essential, otherwise leaching in the soil, water and air will create many hazardous problems. The best way to utilise pond fly ash is to convert it into geopolymer cement. Geopolymers form a cla...
作者:Shuai Qi
来源:[J].Advances in Cement Research(IF 0.754), 2018, pp.1-12ICE Publishing
摘要:A series of phosphonated small molecule superplasticisers were synthesised by the Mannich reaction of functionalised amines with formaldehyde and phosphonic acid. Their chemical structures and molecular weights were determined by 1H nuclear magnetic resonance and size ...
作者:Zhenbo Wang
来源:[J].Advances in Cement Research(IF 0.754), 2018, pp.1-13ICE Publishing
摘要:Targeting the balance between high strength and toughness of engineered cementitious composite (ECC), polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)-steel hybrid-fibre-reinforced engineered cementitious composites were developed in this study. Cylindrical specimens were tested under uniaxial compr...
作者:Hao Zhang
来源:[J].Advances in Cement Research(IF 0.754), 2018, pp.1-12ICE Publishing
摘要:Synthetic calcium silicate hydrate (C–S–H) is an important accelerator in cement chemistry. The early age hydration of cement was studied in the presence of synthetic C–S–H of different Ca/Si ratios and in different morphologies. Compressive strength, isothermal conduct...
作者:Lukas Kalina
来源:[J].Advances in Cement Research(IF 0.754), 2018, Vol.30 (6), pp.240-244ICE Publishing
摘要:Alkali-activated materials, especially when activated by water glass, exhibit substantial drying shrinkage that hinders their broader industrial application. The effect of shrinkage-reducing admixtures (SRA), based on polypropylene glycol, on drying shrinkage of alkali-activated ...
作者:Sabina Rocha
来源:[J].Advances in Cement Research(IF 0.754), 2018, pp.1-12ICE Publishing
摘要:In recent years several studies have been carried out using waste from various industries to partially replace cement in concrete. In addition to improving concrete durability, the use of these waste materials also contributes to reducing emissions, mainly carbon dioxide, an...
作者:Hui Liu , Jianfeng Wang , Jiachen Wang ...
来源:[J].Advances in Cement Research(IF 0.754), 2018, pp.1-31ICE Publishing
摘要:This paper focuses on a blended cementitious material consisted of cement and titanium slag at a mass ratio of 1:1, and investigates the influence of tetrakis (2-hydroxyethyl) ethylenediamine (THEED) at varying dosages on the strength development and hydration process of blended ...
作者:Jiuye Zhao
来源:[J].Advances in Cement Research(IF 0.754), 2018, Vol.30 (6), pp.245-255ICE Publishing
摘要:Ye'elimite (C4A3$) is the dominant phase in calcium sulfoaluminate cement. Through substitutions of Sr2+ ions for Ca2+ ions in C4A3$, Sr-bearing ye'elimite can be synthesised. In this paper, a kind of Sr-bearing ye'elimite was synthesised with the formu...
作者:Marie Jachiet
来源:[J].Advances in Cement Research(IF 0.754), 2018, Vol.30 (4), pp.159-171ICE Publishing
摘要:Accelerators (or activators) are commonly used as additives in cement to advance setting and/or hardening. Activation is often associated with the favoured hydration of particular cementitious phases, which can be induced by complexation mechanisms. However, the dispersion state ...


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