作者:... M. Rathinakumar , B. Balakrishnan , R.N. Bharathwajan
来源:[J].ICTACT JOURNAL OF SOFT COMPUTING, 2014, Vol.4 (3)ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu
摘要:Indian University Admission is a complex phenomenon encompassing various factors both tangible and intangible. Apart from Merit - Caste, Community and Religion play a crucial role in getting admission to various courses offered by Universities. The Single Window Admission System ...
作者:R. Vijayanandh , G. Balakrishnan
来源:[J].ICTACT JOURNAL OF IMAGE AND VIDEO PROCESSING, 2011, Vol.1 (3)ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu
摘要:Face recognition is important in research areas like machine vision and complex security systems. Skin region detection is a vital factor for processing in such systems. Hence the proposed paper focuses on isolating the regions of an image corresponding to human skin region throu...


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