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作者:Zidarova, Sirma
来源:[J].ARPHA Conference Abstracts, 2019, Vol.2, pp.e46677
摘要:Field data on the terrestrial mammalian fauna (Eulipotyphla, Lagomorpha, Rodentia, Carnivora, Artiodactyla) of Lozen Мountain collected from 2005 untill 2019 were summarized. Several methods were used: live trapping, pitfall trapping, camera trapping, transects for signs (e....
作者:Zidarova, Sirma , Popov, Vasil
来源:[J].ARPHA Conference Abstracts, 2019, Vol.2, pp.e46485
摘要:The spatial and temporal aspects of the habitat suitability of the European Souslik (Spermophilus citellus L.) in an area in Sredna Gora Mountain (Bulgaria) was investigated. Data from Landsat satellite imagery were used for modelling changes in the habitat suitability of th...


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