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作者:Haijun Peng , Zhigang Wu , Wanxie Zhong
来源:[J].International Journal of Control(IF 1.008), 2014, Vol.87 (1), pp.131-142Taylor & Francis
摘要:A new reliable structure-preserving algorithm for computing H norm of linear continuous-time periodic systems is proposed in this paper. In the computation of the H norm, no Riccati differential equations are needed to solve and only eigenvalues of ...
作者:... Qiang Gao , Zhigang Wu , Wanxie Zhong
来源:[J].International Journal of Computer Mathematics(IF 0.542), 2015, Vol.92 (11), pp.2273-2289Taylor & Francis
摘要:A symplectic algorithm with nonuniform grids is proposed for solving the hypersensitive optimal control problem using the density function. The proposed method satisfies the first-order necessary conditions for the optimal control problem that can preserve the structure of the or...
作者:Zhigang Wu , Leilei Chen ...
来源:[J].Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry(IF 0.847), 2012, Vol.31 (4-6), pp.436-446Taylor & Francis
摘要:Glycopeptides are very useful substrates for the synthesis of various complex glycoproteins and glycopeptides that are indispensable materials for the structural and functional investigation of glycoproteins. This report provides an efficient and time- and cost-saving strategy fo...
作者:Haijun Peng , Zhigang Wu , Wanxie Zhong
来源:[J].International Journal of Control(IF 1.008), 2011, Vol.84 (12), pp.2058-2066Taylor & Francis
摘要:A new reliable algorithm for computing -norm of linear time-varying periodic (LTP) systems in continuous-time domain is proposed in this article. The solving of ...
作者:Ming Dong , Fenglan He , Zhigang Wu
来源:[J].International Journal of Production Research(IF 1.46), 2011, Vol.49 (21), pp.6363-6385Taylor & Francis
摘要:A semiconductor manufacturing system that involves a large number of items and many steps can be modelled through conservation laws for a continuous density variable on a production process. In this paper, the basic hyperbolic partial differential equation (PDE) models for multip...


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