作者:... Sun Caiping , Zhang Qing , Wang Xiaojing
来源:[J].Medical Oncology(IF 2.147), 2015, Vol.32 (1), pp.1-9Springer
摘要:Epithelial–mesenchymal transition (EMT) has been reported to play an important role in distant metastasis in cancer-related disease. A large number of studies have shown that sonic hedgehog–glioma-associated oncogene 1 (Shh–Gli1) signals participate in the process of EM...
作者:Zhang Qing
来源:[J].EURASIP Journal on Embedded Systems, 2017, Vol.2017 (1), pp.1-7Springer
摘要:Rock acoustic emission is often used to study the evolution of brittle materials. The cause of rock internal damage can be monitored continuously and real-timely by sensing rock acoustic wave. However, the key problem is how to split the position and analyze the acoustic emission...
作者:Wang Zheng-fang , Zhang Qing , Gong Min
来源:[J].Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology(IF 0.577), 1995, Vol.13 (4)Springer
摘要:Abstract Laboratory culture experiments showed that <100μ mol/L nitrate, amonium or mixture of amino acids promote the growth of the red tide organismProrocentrum micans Ehrenb, but that >100μmol/L of ammonium, or mixture of glycine and glutamate was harmful to growth...
作者:Zhang Qing , Lu Yong ...
来源:[J].Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology(IF 0.577), 2000, Vol.18 (4)Springer
摘要:Abstract This paper based on field data (on red tide water quality monitoring at the Chaggjiang River mouth and Hutoudu mariculture area in Zhejiang Province from May to August in 1995, and May to September in 1996) presents an effective model for short term predicti...
作者:... Mu Aping , Zhang Qing , Xu Xiaobao
来源:[J].Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry Articles(IF 1.467), 1996, Vol.206 (1), pp.59-67Springer
摘要:Monoclonal antibody 3H11 was labelled with 99m Tc by modified Schwartz method. The antibody was incubated in a glass test tube at room temperature for 30min with a 1000-fold molar excess of 2-mercaptoethanol. The mean labelling efficiency of 3H11 with 99m Tc was more than 95...
作者:Hu Lihua , Yu Zhongqin , Zhang Qing
来源:[J].Journal of Tongji Medical University, 2000, Vol.20 (3), pp.263-264Springer
摘要:Coagulation factor VIII and antithrombin III activity were detected in 15 health donors. It was found that antithrombin III activity decreased obviously 12 h after blood drawing. It lost 56 % of the activity at the 3rd day, and 70 % of the activity at the 7th day. FVIII:c sh...
作者:Wang Baoyun , Zhang Qing , He Zhenya
来源:[J].Journal of Electronics (China), 1996, Vol.13 (1)Springer
摘要:Abstract A new exponential bidirectional associative memory model is introduced. It offers an even better recall performance than the modified exponential bidirectional associative memory (MEBAM). Only a little complexity of realization is spent for the improvement.


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