作者:Tao-Ming Jia , Yu-Song Yu , Guo-Xiu Li
来源:[J].Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science(IF 1.595), 2017, Vol.85, pp.399-408Elsevier
摘要:Abstract(#br)Modern diesel engines employ higher injection pressure in the common-rail injection system that utilizes high-speed fuel jet to achieve rapid fuel-air mixing for spray atomization improvement. However, the spray characteristics under super high pressure are not ...
作者:... Guo-Xiu Li , Yu-Song Yu , Yang-Jie Xu
来源:[J].Fuel(IF 3.357), 2016, Vol.180, pp.521-528Elsevier
摘要:Abstract(#br)The phenomenon of shock waves can be commonly seen in fuel spray under ultra-high injection pressure conditions, where the spray jet penetrates at speeds greater than Mach 1. This paper focuses on the induction of shock waves and their propagation characteristics gen...


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