Ivy Publisher 期刊
作者:Xiaoxiao Chen , You Li
来源:[J].Management Science and Research, 2019, Vol.8 (1), pp.22-26Ivy Publisher
摘要:Quality development training is a new type of experiential education mode implemented under the background of quality education. Strengthening the integration of quality development training and university sports requires not only the sports reform of Chinese universities and col...
作者:Xiaoxiao Chen , You Li
来源:[J].Management Science and Research, 2019, Vol.8 (1), pp.11-14Ivy Publisher
摘要:With the rapid development of global transportation track equipment, the running speed of modern rail transit equipment keeps refreshing records. High-speed EMUs, inter-city EMUs and urban rail vehicles have become the main types of domestic passenger transport vehicles, especial...
作者:Xiaoxiao Chen , You Li
来源:[J].Management Science and Research, 2019, Vol.8 (1), pp.46-48Ivy Publisher
摘要:The standards of physical education curriculum in China and Australia both embody the development trend of emphasizing the healthy function of physical education curriculum. Therefore, the author makes a comparative study on the curriculum of social sports major between China and...


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