作者:Lowe Elizabeth C , Wilder Shawn M , Hochuli Dieter F
来源:[J].PloS one(IF 3.73), 2014, Vol.9 (8), pp.e105480PubMed
摘要:Urbanisation modifies landscapes at multiple scales, impacting the local climate and changing the extent and quality of natural habitats. These habitat modifications significantly alter species distributions and can result in increased abundance of select species which are able t...
作者:Wilder Shawn M , Jeyasingh Punidan D
来源:[J].The Journal of animal ecology, 2016, Vol.85 (6), pp.1427-1430PubMed
摘要:Global warming and predation risk can have important impacts on animal physiology and life histories that can have consequences for ecosystem function. Zhang et al. () recently tested the separate and interactive effects of warming and predation risk on the body composition of Da...
作者:Wilder Shawn M , Schneider Jutta M
来源:[J].Journal of insect physiology, 2017, Vol.100, pp.128-132PubMed
摘要:Sexual cannibalism has long been hypothesized to be a foraging decision in which females consume males for the nutrients in their bodies. While few studies have documented fecundity benefits of sexual cannibalism, several recent studies have documented benefits of cannibalism to ...
作者:Wilder Shawn M , Le Couteur David G , Simpson Stephen J
来源:[J].Age, 2013PubMed
摘要:The disposable soma hypothesis posits a negative correlation between longevity and reproduction, presumably because these aspects of fitness compete for a limited pool of nutrients. However, diet, which varies widely among animals, could affect the availability of key nutrients r...
作者:Wilder Shawn M , Holway David A ...
来源:[J].Ecology(IF 5.175), 2011, Vol.92 (2), pp.325-32PubMed
摘要:Many arthropods engage in mutualisms in which they consume plant-based foods including nectar, extrafloral nectar, and honeydew. However, relatively little is known about the manner in which the specific macronutrients in these plant-based resources affect growth, especially for ...
作者:Wilder Shawn M , Eubanks Micky D
来源:[J].Biology Letters, 2009, Vol.6 (2), pp.177-9PubMed
摘要:We tested whether the carbohydrate and amino acid content of extrafloral nectar affected prey choice by a predatory ant. Fire ants, Solenopsis invicta, were provided with artificial nectar that varied in the presence of carbohydrates and amino acids and were then provided with tw...
作者:Wilder Shawn M , Rypstra Ann L
来源:[J].Oecologia, 2010, Vol.162 (3), pp.617-25PubMed
摘要:Cannibalism is hypothesized to have evolved as a way to obtain a high-quality meal. We examined the extraction of lipid and protein by female wolf spiders, Hogna helluo, during sexual cannibalism of males and predation of crickets. Most food-limited females did not cannibalize ma...
作者:Wilder Shawn M , Rypstra Ann L
来源:[J].The American naturalist, 2008, Vol.172 (3), pp.431-40PubMed
摘要:Sexual cannibalism varies widely among spiders, but no general evolutionary hypothesis has emerged to explain its distribution across taxa. Sexual size dimorphism (SSD) also varies widely among spiders and could affect the vulnerability of males to cannibalistic attacks by female...
作者:Wilder Shawn M , Meikle Douglas B
来源:[J].Oecologia(IF 3.011), 2005, Vol.144 (3), pp.391-8PubMed
摘要:While many species show positive relationships between population density and habitat patch area, some species consistently show higher densities in smaller patches. Few studies have examined mechanisms that may cause species to have negative density-area relationships. We tested...


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