作者:Weiche Wu , Jiaqi Liu
来源:[J].Journal of Cellular Physiology(IF 4.218), 2017, Vol.232 (11), pp.2964-2967Wiley
摘要:Adult skeletal muscle stem cells, also called satellite cells, are indispensable for the growth, maintenance, and regeneration of the postnatal skeletal muscle. Satellite cells, predominantly quiescent in mature resting muscles, are activated after skeletal muscle injury or ...
作者:Weiche Wu , Ziye Xu
来源:[J].Journal of Cellular Physiology(IF 4.218), 2017, Vol.232 (6), pp.1258-1261Wiley
摘要:Adipose tissues, composed with mature adipocytes and preadipocytic stromal/stem cells, play crucial roles in whole body energy metabolism and regenerative medicine. Mature adipocytes are derived and differentiated from mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) or preadipocytes. This dif...
作者:Weiche Wu , Yizhen Wang
来源:[J].Journal of Cellular Physiology(IF 4.218), 2017, Vol.232 (10), pp.2698-2703Wiley
摘要:Adipose tissues play important roles in whole body energy homeostasis and lifer span. Understanding the mechanisms of controlling adipose tissues development is significant for providing useful information to treat the worldwide epidemic of obesity and its associated metabol...
作者:... Jiaqi Liu , Weiche Wu , Yizhen Wang
来源:[J].Journal of Cellular Physiology(IF 4.218), 2017, Vol.232 (10), pp.2653-2656Wiley
摘要:Liver kinase B1 (Lkb1), also named as Serine/Threonine protein kinase 11 (STK11), is a serine/threonine kinase that plays crucial roles in various cellular processes including cell survival, cell division, cellular polarity, cell growth, cell differentiation, and cell metabo...
作者:Weiche Wu , Yizhen Wang
来源:[J].Journal of Cellular Physiology(IF 4.218), 2018, Vol.233 (2), pp.818-821Wiley
摘要:The cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP)—protein kinase A (PKA) signaling pathway plays important role in regulating energy homeostasis. Many of the effects of the cAMP‐PKA signaling is mediated through the cAMP responsive element binding protein (CREB) and its coactivator ...


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