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作者:Wang, Min , DA, Wa
来源:[J].ZooKeys(IF 0.864), 2019, Vol.822, pp.33-51
摘要:Some new discoveries of the family Epicopeiidae Swinhoe, 1892 from China are reported. A new species, Mimaporia owadai Huang & Wang, sp. n. is described from W. Sichuan. Burmeia Minet, 2003 and Psychostrophia endoi Inoue, 1992 are reported as new to China, with the female genital...
作者:Wang, Min , Magnoux, Emmanuelle
来源:[J].ZooKeys(IF 0.864), 2018, Vol.736, pp.79-118
摘要:During an ongoing DNA-barcoding campaign of the leaf-mining moths that feed on woody plants in Northeast Asia, four lineages of the genus Phyllocnistis (Gracillariidae, Phyllocnistinae) were discovered on dogwood (Cornus spp): P. cornella Ermolaev, 1987 on C. controversa Hem...
作者:Toshiya, Hirowatari , Huang, Guo-Hua , Wang, Min
来源:[J].ZooKeys(IF 0.864), 2017, Vol.668, pp.107-122
摘要:The new species Roeslerstammia tianpingshana sp. n. is described from Hunan, China as the first record of the genus in the country. Examination of two enigmatic Indian species, R. metaplastica Meyrick, 1921 and R. hemiadelpha Meyrick, 1922, revealed that the latter is a synonym o...
作者:Wang, Min , Chiba, Hideyuki
来源:[J].ZooKeys(IF 0.864), 2016, Vol.638, pp.33-44
摘要:A molecular phylogeny of the genus Scobura based on the mitochondrial COI and the nuclear EF-1α genes using maximum likelihood and Bayesian inference is proposed. The analyses include 19 specimens from nine ingroup species. The monophyly of Scobura is not strongly supported,...
作者:Settele, Josef , Wang, Min
来源:[J].ZooKeys(IF 0.864), 2010, Vol.48, pp.21-28
摘要:The lycaenid genus Phengaris (s. str.) from mainland China is briefly characterized, and a short identification key presented. Phengaris xiushani sp. n. is described and illustrated from northwestern Yunnan. The new species is similar to P. daitozana from Taiwan with respect...


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