作者:Wageeh Nafei
来源:[J].International Journal of Business Administration, 2015, Vol.6 (2)Sciedu出版社
摘要:Background: Psychological Capital (PsyCap) was recently identified as a core construct in the literature. However, there is considerably less evidence on its effects on Quality of Work Life (QWL) and Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB).Purpose: The objective of this study i...
作者:Wageeh Nafei
来源:[J].International Journal of Business Administration, 2014, Vol.5 (1)Sciedu出版社
摘要:Study Objectives: The purpose of this investigation is to determine the mediating significant role of job attitudes (job satisfaction and organizational commitment) in the relationship between organizational cynicism and Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB). Research De...
作者:Wageeh Nafei
来源:[J].International Journal of Business Administration, 2014, Vol.6 (1)Sciedu出版社
摘要:Purpose: Using a new construct, Job Embeddedness (JE), from the business management literature, this study examines the effects of JE on Organizational Cynicism (OC) and Employee Performance (EP) at Sadat City University. Research Design/Methodology: Using Mitchell et al., 2001 o...
作者:Wageeh Nafei
来源:[J].Journal of Management and Strategy, 2014, Vol.5 (1)Sciedu出版社
摘要:This paper investigates the relationship between Knowledge Management (KM) and Organizational Learning (OL) from the employee perspective.KM has emerged as one of the most important areas in management practices and established as a basic resource for firms and economies. KM is a...


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