作者:Toth Linda A , Hughes Larry F
来源:[J].Comparative Medicine (Memphis)(IF 1.12), 2006, Vol.56 (4), pp.252-61PubMed
摘要:Human patients with renal disease frequently develop disturbed sleep and severe fatigue. To develop a model for studying factors that contribute to these symptoms, we characterized the sleep patterns of various strains of mice after acute challenge with the fungal organism Candid...
作者:Toth Linda A , Wang Jia ...
来源:[J].Comparative Medicine (Memphis)(IF 1.12), 2006, Vol.56 (5), pp.402-15PubMed
摘要:Sleep-wake disturbances are common in epilepsy, yet the potential adverse effect of seizures on sleep is not well characterized. Genetically epilepsy-prone rats (GEPRs) are a well-studied model of genetic susceptibility to audiogenic seizures. To assess their suitability for inve...


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