作者:Toth Linda A , Compton Susan ...
来源:[J].Comparative medicine(IF 1.12), 2018, Vol.68 (2), pp.104-108PubMed
作者:Toth Linda A , Compton Susan ...
来源:[J].Comparative medicine(IF 1.12), 2019, Vol.68 (2), pp.104-108PubMed
作者:Toth Linda A , Trammell Rita A ...
来源:[J].Comparative medicine(IF 1.12), 2017, Vol.67 (2), pp.116-126PubMed
摘要:Shift work (SW) is viewed as a risk factor for the development of many serious health conditions, yet prospective studies that document such risks are rare. The current study addressed this void by testing the hypothesis that long-term exposure to repeated diurnal phase shifts, m...
作者:Toth Linda A , Jhaveri Krishna
来源:[J].Comparative Medicine (Memphis)(IF 1.12), 2003, Vol.53 (5), pp.473-86PubMed
摘要:Excess sleepiness, abnormal sleep patterns, non-restorative sleep, and fatigue are becoming increasingly pervasive in modern society. Identifying substances and mechanisms that modulate sleep and vigilance during health and disease is a critical prelude to eventual development of...


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