作者:Torbjörn Larsson , Jan T. Lundgren , Anders Peterson
来源:[J].Computer‐Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering(IF 4.46), 2010, Vol.25 (2), pp.116-131Wiley
摘要:Abstract: Origin‐destination (OD) matrices are essential for various analyses in the field of traffic planning, and they are often estimated from link flow observations. We compare methods for allocating link flow detectors to a traffic network with respect to the quality of...
作者:Yixin Zhao , Torbjörn Larsson , Elina Rönnberg
来源:[J].International Transactions in Operational Research(IF 0.588), 2020, Vol.27 (1), pp.665-695Wiley
摘要:Abstract(#br)There is an increasing interest in integrating column generation and heuristic approaches to efficiently solve large‐scale discrete optimisation problems. We contribute in this direction. Based on the insights from Lagrangian duality theory, we present an auxili...


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