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作者:Arve Elvebakk , Tor Tønsberg
来源:[J].The Bryologist(IF 0.977), 2018, Vol.121 (2), pp.166-173BioOne Complete
摘要:The species Psoroma spinuliferum is described here as new to science. It is only known from the holotype on a Picea sitchensis trunk near a sea-shore in southern, coastal Alaska. The species is distinct in having short, brittle, spinule-like hairs on both apothecium margins, thal...
作者:... Elisa Di Meglio , Tor Tønsberg , Rebecca Yahr
来源:[J].The Bryologist(IF 0.977), 2019, Vol.122 (2), pp.197-218BioOne Complete
摘要:Crustose Stereocaulon species have only recently been reported from North America, and targeting them specifically in recent fieldwork revealed an unexpected diversity of species. We sampled crustose Stereocaulon species in western North America from Alaska to Oregon and analyzed...
作者:Irwin M. Brodo , Tor Tønsberg
来源:[J].The Bryologist(IF 0.977), 2019, Vol.122 (3), pp.457-462BioOne Complete
摘要:Opegrapha halophila Brodo & Tønsberg is described based on material from British Columbia, Canada, and Alaska, U.S.A. It is distinctive due to its lirellate apothecia, the (mainly) discrete soralia, the production of roccellic/angardianic acid, and its habitat on coastal roc...
作者:Tor Tønsberg , Albert Reif
来源:[J].Herzogia(IF 0.366), 2018, Vol.31 (2), pp.995-999BioOne Complete
摘要:Wirth, V., Tønsberg, T., Reif, A. & Stevenson, D. 2018. Loxospora cristinae found in Germany. – Herzogia 31 : 995–999.;; Loxospora cristinae , a sterile crustose lichen recently described from Poland, was discovered also in Germany. The ecological conditions at the loca...


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