作者:Beth Clark , Tom Hill , Carmen Hubbard
来源:[J].British Food Journal(IF 0.614), 2019, Vol.121 (9), pp.2205-2218Emerald
摘要:As natural dietary sources of vitamin D are not consumed in sufficient quantities, fortified foods could play a role in maintaining vitamin D sufficiency. With public consultation, an integral part of designing acceptable fortification strategies, the purpose of this paper is to ...
作者:... Owen Bull , Sophie McClean , Tom Hill
来源:[J].Nutrition & Food Science, 2019, Vol.49 (3), pp.346-358Emerald
摘要:Vitamin D deficiency is a well-recognised public health problem within the UK, with specific population groups more vulnerable to deficiency. Two pilot studies were used to explore awareness of vitamin D deficiency and attitudes towards food fortification.;;A survey of 120 p...


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