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作者:Ting Li
来源:[J].Education Research Frontier, 2019, Vol.9 (2), pp.77-79Ivy Publisher
摘要:Review can also be said to be a process of leak detection and compensation. If you want to improve your review, you need the teacher to make clear what needs to be done in the limited time and the purpose to be reached. Review can also be said to consolidate the knowledge that ha...
作者:Ting Li , Meng Zhang ...
来源:[J].Scientific Journal of Information Engineering, 2013, Vol.3 (5), pp.92-98Ivy Publisher
摘要:This paper gives a TD-LTE network planning and performance evaluation methodology. In order to meet ever increasing traffic and datarate demands in the future, we propose, on a high level, three approaches: improving the macro layer radio performance, densifying the macro layer a...
作者:... Ping Zhang , Ting Li , Yiling Wang
来源:[J].Electrical Engineering and Automation, 2018, Vol.7, pp.10-19Ivy Publisher
摘要:With the development of State Grid, It requires better performance of HV converter transformer, calculated accurately the additional loss of HV converter transformer structural components is important subject. Firstly, considering the skin effect in the transformer structura...


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