来源:[J].Electrical Engineering in Japan(IF 0.104), 2017, Vol.198 (4), pp.63-72Wiley
摘要:SUMMARY(#br)The present paper introduces a single‐phase utility interactive inverter with a power decoupling function. In a conventional single‐phase inverter, power pulsation at twice the grid frequency appears in the input power. Hence, electrolytic capacitors having large...
作者:Toshihisa Shimizu , Keisuke Kakazu ...
来源:[J].Electrical Engineering in Japan(IF 0.104), 2015, Vol.192 (4), pp.51-63Wiley
摘要:SUMMARY(#br)Because of the improved performance of power devices, the volume of the ac filter inductors used in high‐frequency PWM inverters has been reduced. However, the temperature rise in the filter inductor due to this miniaturization has become more pronounced. Therefo...
来源:[J].Electrical Engineering in Japan(IF 0.104), 2016, Vol.197 (2), pp.56-67Wiley
摘要:SUMMARY(#br)Electro‐magnetic interface (EMI) noise radiated from the dc cable of photovoltaic power conditioner systems (PCSs) is a serious problem for radio transmission equipment. In order to prevent the interference, the International Special Committee on Radio Interface ...
作者:Toshihisa Shimizu , Koushi Takano
来源:[J].Electrical Engineering in Japan(IF 0.104), 2015, Vol.190 (2), pp.57-71Wiley
摘要:SUMMARY(#br)In recent years, remarkable advancement of new power semiconductor devices, such as SiC and GaN, enables the increase of switching frequency of power converters, and hence the volume of passive components, such as ac filters and transformers, can be reduced. Howe...
作者:... Yasushi Matsumoto , Keijo Wada , Toshihisa Shimizu
来源:[J].Electrical Engineering in Japan(IF 0.104), 2013, Vol.183 (3), pp.56-66Wiley
摘要:Abstract(#br)The conducted EMI noise flowing from power converters to an AC utility line is regulated by international commissions such as the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Adherence to the IEC regulations requires that EMI filters should be used in power ...
作者:Makoto Saito , Toshihisa Shimizu
来源:[J].Electrical Engineering in Japan(IF 0.104), 2002, Vol.141 (2), pp.57-66Wiley
摘要:Abstract(#br)High‐power utility interactive inverters used for large‐capacity energy storage systems are composed of multiple connected inverters, in order to realize high efficiency and high performance of the harmonic elimination characteristic simultaneously. Some disadva...
作者:... Satoki Takizawa , Kazuo Kuroki , Toshihisa Shimizu
来源:[J].Electrical Engineering in Japan(IF 0.104), 2000, Vol.130 (1), pp.106-117Wiley
摘要:Abstract(#br)It is well known that high dv/dt rates on switching devices are the source of EMI noise. This paper describes a mechanism and reduction methods of radiated EMI noise on IGBTs. The radiated EMI noise is generated by oscillating current flowing through the IGBT's ...
来源:[J].Electrical Engineering in Japan(IF 0.104), 2018, Vol.203 (1), pp.37-49Wiley
摘要:SUMMARY(#br)The inductor losses in a three‐phase ac filter inductor used in a three‐phase pulse‐width modulation (PWM) inverter are evaluated. First, a three‐phase inductor is designed to obtain the same value of inductance for each phase. Then, based on the design, a t...


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