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作者:Sunarso Sunarso , Yosi Kusuma Eriwati ...
来源:[J].Key Engineering Materials, 2020, Vol.4790, pp.63-68Trans Tech
摘要:Calcium sulfate dihydrate (CSD) cement has been used as bone void filler and antibiotic carrier for many years. However, the main drawback of CSD cement is its brittleness that limits its handling property. Thus, the aim of this study is to fabricate granular CSD cement-gela...
作者:... Yosi Kusuma Eriwati , Siti Triaminingsih , Sunarso Sunarso
来源:[J].Key Engineering Materials, 2020, Vol.4790, pp.75-80Trans Tech
摘要:Calcium sulfate dihydrate (CSD) has been clinically used as bone filler for decades. CSD bone graft is cheap, biocompatible and can be transformed to other osteoconductive ceramics such as hydroxyapatite and carbonate apatite. In addition, porous ceramic bone grafts is desired cl...
作者:... Dede Arsista , Sunarso Sunarso , Siti Triaminingsih
来源:[J].Key Engineering Materials, 2020, Vol.4790, pp.69-74Trans Tech
摘要:Calcium sulfate dihydrate (CSD) cement has been used as bone filler for decades. It is also used as antibiotics carrier to treat osteomyelitis. However, CSD cement alone when applied at bone defect has some limitation such as its brittleness. The brittleness limits its handl...


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