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作者:Laurindo da Silva, Fabio , Stur, Elisabeth
来源:[J].ZooKeys(IF 0.864), 2019, Vol.833, pp.107-119
摘要:The monotypic genus Pentaneurella Fittkau & Murray was originally described based on larvae, pupal exuviae and pharate males. The latter prevented the observation of key features, such as wing dimensions, abdominal coloration pattern, and hypopygial apodemes (sternapodeme and pha...
作者:Stur, Elisabeth , Ekrem, Torbjørn
来源:[J].ZooKeys(IF 0.864), 2015, Vol.508, pp.127-142
摘要:Examination of the syntypes of Metriocnemus volitans Goetghebuer, 1940 revealed that these specimens belong to the genus Chaetocladius and are not con-specific with Gymnometriocnemus volitans (Goetghebuer, 1940) sensu Brundin (1956) and Sæther (1983). A literature search sho...


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