作者:Donald A. Curtis DMD , Stuart A. Gansky MS, DrPH , Octavia Plesh DDS, MS, MS
来源:[J].Journal of Prosthodontics(IF 0.681), 2012, Vol.21 (6), pp.472-477Wiley
摘要:Abstract(#br)Purpose: Although changes in blood perfusion have been described as being associated with temporomandibular disorder (TMD) myofascial pain, very little is known about blood flow levels in the deep and superficial masseter muscle. This study investigated blood fl...
作者:Octavia Plesh MD, DDS , Sally H. Adams RN, PhD , Stuart A. Gansky MS, DrPH
来源:[J].Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain(IF 2.937), 2012, Vol.52 (6), pp.946-956Wiley
摘要:Aims.— To compare prevalence of self‐reported comorbid temporomandibular joint muscle disorder‐type, neck, back, and joint pains in people with severe headache or migraine; and analyze these self‐reported pains in the 2000‐2005 US National Health Interview Survey b...
作者:Daniel J. Caplan DDS, PhD , Gary D. Slade BDSc, DDPH, PhD , Stuart A. Gansky MS, DrPH
来源:[J].Journal of Public Health Dentistry(IF 1.209), 1999, Vol.59 (1), pp.52-59Wiley
摘要:Abstract(#br)Investigators in dental public health often use strategies other than simple random sampling to identify potential subjects; however, their statistical analyses do not always take into account the complex sampling mechanism. Often it is not clear whether a given...
作者:Benjamin W. Chaffee DDS, MPH, PhD , Elizabeth T. Couch RDH, MS , Stuart A. Gansky MS, DrPH
来源:[J].Journal of Public Health Dentistry(IF 1.209), 2018, Vol.78 (1), pp.5-8Wiley
摘要:Abstract(#br)Objective(#br)Measure associations between adolescent baseball players' perceptions of smokeless tobacco (ST) use by professional baseball players and those adolescents' actual ST use and susceptibility.(#br)Methods(#br)Male baseball players ( N = 360) at 25 rur...


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