作者:Coren, Michael J. , Streck, Charlotte , Madeira, Erin Myers
来源:[J].Climate Policy, 2011, Vol.11 (6)Earthscan
摘要:Previous attempts to estimate the supply of greenhouse gas emission reductions from reduced emissions from deforestation (RED) have generally failed to incorporate policy developments, country-specific abilities and political willingness to supply offsets for developed countries'...
作者:... Dutschke, Michael , Streck, Charlotte , Porrua, Manuel Estrada
来源:[J].Climate Policy, 2009, Vol.9 (2)Earthscan
摘要:Since 2005, Parties to the UNFCCC have been negotiating policy options for incentivizing reductions of (greenhouse gas) emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD) in a future climate regime. Proposals on how to operationalize REDD range from market-based to pure fun...
作者:Streck, Charlotte , Noble, Ian ...
来源:[J].Climate Policy, 2005, Vol.5 (2)Earthscan
摘要:The European Commission is mandated to consider the inclusion of credits from land-use projects under the clean development mechanism (CDM) and joint implementation (JI), beginning with the second period of the European Union's emission trading scheme (ETS) in its report due in J...


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