作者:Stephen James O'Meara
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (3), pp.18ProQuest
摘要:Celestial cartographers depicted it as Cetus - its tail signifying the snakes found on the mountain's lower slopes, its body symbolic of the goats on the mountain's midslopes, and its head representing the mountain lions that roam the summit where a fiery breath escapes as the et...
作者:Stephen James O'Meara
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (4), pp.18ProQuest
摘要:First observations commenced February 11, 1791, and Banneker was the principal observer. According to David Ovason, author of Lost Symbols?
作者:Stephen James O'Meara
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (6), pp.18ProQuest
摘要:When at its brightest, 3C 273 can shine at a respectable magnitude 11.7, the brightness of Saturn's moon Enceladus; when faintest, it glows at magnitude 13.2, only about 0.5 magnitude brighter than Pluto at opposition. At its faintest, the galaxy d ips to magnitude 14.7, making i...
作者:Stephen James O'Meara
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (6), pp.50-53ProQuest
摘要:Because Saturn was high in the sky after sunset, I decided to start observing as soon as it became visible in the twilight. Saturn's rings are a Keplerian disk, with its inner particles revolving faster than the outer ones. [...]shear forces would rip apart anything that stretche...
作者:Stephen James O'Meara
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (7), pp.18ProQuest
摘要:Visible as a "cat scratch" in eastern Mare Nubium, the Straight Wall is the youngest large-scale fault on the Moon visible through small telescopes. Grasping the graben Unlike the Straight Wall, which is an individual fault, Rima Hesiodus is a geologic feature known as a graben, ...
作者:Stephen James O'Meara
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (5), pp.20ProQuest
摘要:A classic orange giant star 37 light-years distant, Arcturus appears splendidly "chatty" to the eye, randomly spitting out colors as it twinkles, like words on fire.
作者:Stephen James O'Meara
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (8), pp.18ProQuest
摘要:[...]the dahlia flower arrangement of coronal petals was expected. Unlike the equatorial streamers - which form closed magnetic loops and heat up the corona, causing it to glow brightly - coronal holes mark where magnetic field lines expand freely into space without looping back.
作者:Stephen James O'Meara
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (10), pp.20ProQuest
摘要:[...]the Taurid shower has two active peaks that overlap. A festival of lights While the Taurids may toss fireballs our way on and around Halloween, their maximum also occurs during Diwali (the Hindu festival of lights celebrated for five days in October or November), marked by h...
作者:Stephen James O'Meara
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (9), pp.18ProQuest
摘要:Take, for example, the great October 2014 naked-eye sunspot, whose penumbra spanned 80,000 miles (129,000km), wide enough to fit 10 Earths across its length; that Jupiter-sized behemoth was the biggest sunspot since November 1990. A naked-eye study In the 1994 Journal of the Brit...
作者:Stephen James O'Meara
来源:[J].Astronomy, 2016, Vol.44 (11), pp.18ProQuest
摘要:In Color and Light in Nature (Cambridge University Press, 1995), authors David K. Lynch and William Livingston note that the reason for these types of blue Moons involves a "no man's land where the wavelength of light is comparable to the particle size (0.1 to 10 micrometers)." V...


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